Oct 02 2017

Upcoming Podcast – Ask Ruby Anything

December 2016


I'm planning a podcast like I've done once before - "Ask Ruby Anything". So if you have been wondering about something specific regarding yours truly, anything, shoot me a message with your question.

I have discovered that podcasts voiced by the best in the business are still lacking when that podcast personality keeps a wall between their podcast and who they are as a person.

The vulnerability of self-disclosure is not only good for the soul, it's a way to personalize this relationship we have; you listeners/readers and me.

So really - ask me anything you like. I actually enjoy personal questions! (All but the, "How many guys have you pegged?" question. Don't bother - that's the only one I didn't answer last time!)

The Ask Ruby Anything podcast will be posted October 17th, 2017. Get your questions in by October 13th to be included in this podcast!


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  1. Two questions–

    1) have you considered directing/producing pegging porn?

    2) when do we get to play the music for you for your first pegging gangbang or Lucky Pierre?

    your awesome!


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