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Sep 04 2017

Guest Blogger – “Why I Want Your Ass”

Many of you who gentlemen who come to this website are hungry to hear women talk about why they love pegging. What is it about penetrating your fine asses that we love so much? Hearing these stories gives you all hope that there are indeed women out there who want it as much as you …

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Sep 07 2015

Pegged by a Stranger?

I came across Jack from Kansas on the internet, and found this piece in his writings. I have long put forth the viewpoint that pegging usually involves intimacy. In fact I have written about exactly that. This piece is about how getting pegged by a stranger can be different than what you envision. He graciously …

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Aug 07 2013

Erotica with Zach

Welcome Home by Zach with Ruby Ryder I’m in the shower. The water is just over the edge of being too hot. When it hits my back it leaves a sharp sting that I can’t get enough of. That heat, that slow and steady wave of pain that turns my back a bright red, it’s …

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Jul 18 2013

Erotica with Zach

Soldier Boy by Zach with Ruby Ryder   I’m wearing my army uniform, walking through the door after spending two long weeks in the field playing soldier boy. You’re right there waiting for me. You throw yourself into my arms, hug me, grab my ass and give me a wink. “I have a hot bath …

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Feb 26 2013

This is a Must Read…

A friend of mine over at FetLIfe sent me this link to a blog post written from a male perspective about what it was like to get pegged. Highly recommended reading – articulate, descriptive and honest. So rare to hear from a man! Silverhubby: “On Being Fucked by You”  

Dec 19 2012

Miss Lauren

(This story is from a friend of mine who went to see a very real professional domme for the first time, Miss Lauren.) I had always wanted to see a professional domme, to experience submitting to a woman. It was a big fantasy for me so I set out to find one. It just happened …

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Dec 11 2012

Podcast #26

Pegging Paradise Podcast #26 ❤ The woman in podcast #24 whose boyfriend was reluctant to let her near his ass with anything more than a finger? Yeah – she’s got a plan and it’s workin’! ❤ A reader wonders what the music is that I use for these podcasts… ❤ An older domme who has …

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Aug 01 2012

Unusual Path to Pegging

I received this story from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous, but desired to share his story about how he discovered pegging. It is a very unusual story. For most men there is a lot fear of being seen as gay connected with pegging. Men who love pegging seem to need to adamantly declare …

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May 09 2012

A Reader’s Fantasy

Here’s a contribution for masturbation month from HG – enjoy!   I can imagine you fucking me into complete submission, into the wee hours, until you fall totally asleep. You wake up 10 hours later in the exact same position and notice the discarded me still laying on the floor face down, ass up, smooth …

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Dec 07 2011

KPP’s Poetry

    This is a powerful piece of poetry sent to me by KPP. He was inspired by my post “An Evil Idea” and thought this piece dovetailed nicely with it. I absolutely agree. He kindly consented for me to post it. Thanks, KPP. Progasm – a slang term coined to mean the orgasm achieved …

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