Guest Blogger – “Why I Want Your Ass”

Many of you who gentlemen who come to this website are hungry to hear women talk about why they love pegging. What is it about penetrating your fine asses that we love so much? Hearing these stories gives you all hope that there are indeed women out there who want it as much as you do. This is one dominant woman's point of view. I found her on by the name of VicVista. When I read this piece I knew I had to share it with you all, with her full permission, of course.Thank you, Vista!

Pegging. Why I Want your Ass.

A very dear friend asked me recently why some women feel the need to peg his ass. He wanted my thoughts on this as a domme. I've been asked this before and have tried to offer explanations. Although always in a private forum. Some of my writings have touched on my take on the subject.

Today I offer "Why" from this domme's POV.

  • First clarification is I don't want to peg every ass I see. There's a certain pert, toned shape that does it for me. But even then it's really all about the human that pert ass is attached to. Is there a connection, chemistry that awakens and triggers a desire to ravish and devour him? Yes? ... Then game on baby!
  • With the above in place it's now all about control and taking. I want to own all of you, if even for a brief moment. That ass speaks to me about invading the inner most parts of you. Your secret desires. The surrender you offer to me. The control you hand over to pleasure and torment you.
  • Men can be closed off from their emotions and fears. I know once I penetrate you I will eventually trigger a memory, a feeling, an awakening. Maybe not fully at first but in a relationship I know I'll end up on a journey into possibly the abyss with you. I'm strong enough to bring you through and back again safely.
  • It also speaks to me of trust. You trusting me with your vulnerability. Something I know for most men is not easily given. So when you look at me, with many questions in your mind, unsure if you really want to explore this, but trust me. My god, it breaks my heart open and I relish in your gift.
  • The first time I touch your puckered rose bud with my lubed finger. Your reaction as I swirl it around until you become accustomed to my touch. You relax and my finger pops through. I hear your 'sigh', the catch of your breath and feel your muscles tighten around my finger; then open to allow me further entrance.... "Deep breath Vista ..."
  • The combination of your body, soul and spirit opening to me. Holding the very essence of you in that moment. Me the hunter and you my captured, beautiful prey.
  • To me it's not about whether it's my finger or the dildo hanging from my harness that enters you. It's about your trust and surrender. And me, holding your very heartbeat in my hand.

That, my dear lovely friend, is Why I Want Your Ass.

~ Vista

Vista has a blog, and is a published writer - check out the hotness...

Sexual Destinies - Erotic Writings and Insights on our Sexual Destinies!


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  1. This is beautiful. I haven’t pegged my lover (yet). He’s willing and I’m wanting. There have always been emotions, feelings behind why I want to and I could never get put them into words, this is pretty everything I’ve been trying to sort out in my head.

  2. Thanks Ruby.
    I’m going to reading your site for every piece of information. The only issues I have are private, you’ve touched on some of them now it’s just me getting over my issues.

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