Podcast #165


Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #165

❤ Patreon Update
❤ Jeroen is still pegging and wonders about positions
❤ He's new to prostate stimulation and fantasizes about pegging!
❤ Happy peggers seek the mythical simultaneous PIV/Dildo in Ass position
❤ They are looking for a third for him to give a BJ to - help?
❤ After 30 good years they need a spark, he wonders how to introduce pegging
❤ She knows he likes ass play, wonders how to introduce pegging
❤ Chose Vixskin Mustang for first toy - too big?
❤ Been pegging for a year, he loves to suck her cock...just hers
❤ He tells the story of quite a birthday present!
❤ An aspiring toy-maker wants to connect with same!
❤ Toy size: Big or small, he loves them all
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ Though he skipped a few steps, first pegging goes well!
❤ A Dominant woman describes why she wants your ass...


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