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Aural erotica - Ruby shares woman in fishnets and garters pegging man face down on bed with strap-on

Memories...of your smooth body, shivering under my fingers. You undulate to meet my caresses, trying to get the most sensation possible from each finger as it slips inside you; you want it so much. New territory for you, unexpected...yet shockingly pleasurable. You come back for more, ask for it, welcome it...welcome the thrills. I stand at the foot of the bed in my heels. You are open and ready before me on your knees. I marvel for a long moment at the perfect height strap-on and your gorgeous muscular ass. Pushing inside you I hear what I have so waited for...your moan. It is so primal, so involuntary, breathless and filled with passion. Each stroke tears another from your mouth without your consent. I live for that sound.

Ruby Ryder

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