Hand Prints

♥Now that I have opened up my dark and dusty erotica file and brought my lusty literature, aching to be explored, out into the warmth of these summer days...I am finding savory fragments of my past which I will offer up for your pleasure from time to time...enjoy!

The cold night air of the parking lot gives me shivers, yet your breath is molten on the back of my neck. Your hands on my breasts are electrifying. My nipples are erect and reach for your touch. I stand naked except for my cowboy boots, legs spread with you behind me. I push back to feel you deeper. God, that spot inside me is exquisite. I want it to last forever. Just keep touching that spot...please. My hands against the side of the car...frigid metal. Your rock-hard cock seeking my depths...fiery flesh.

I care not who sees us...but I long to share the vision!

You, naked but for your jeans in a puddle around your boots, eyes closed and muscles taut with effort as you sink into me, pulling my hips back to meet your thrusts. The way you move makes it clear that your loins are now the center of your universe. Me, bent over with ass in the air, hair streaming down my arched back and my mouth open with cries of pleasure. My cunt is slick and throbbing as it grips your swollen cock. The cold, dark parking lot is our own personal fairyland for fucking in this moment.

We are a luscious apparition of in-your-face passion. Electric, explosive, erotic.

The next morning I go out to my car to drive to work...and see two distinct hand prints. Mmmm...

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