Confessions of a Peggee

This is a companion piece to "Confessions of a Pegger".

The author, Bill, is a friend from the website When he read my Confessions of a Pegger he could relate to many things I mentioned from the "Peggee" side of the equation. Bill graciously offered to write the other side of the story, using my outline as a template. I find it quite fascinating and pretty hot...Enjoy.

The Pleasure Principle
I think there are a couple of pleasure principles at play here for me. First is the enjoyment she gets from ‘taking me’. I distinctly remember a time when she said to me, “I love taking you this way. I never knew how much I’d enjoy it”. It’s that light in her eyes, that sparkle as she gets ready, the sounds she makes and how hard she comes. There’s also the pleasure I receive…but more on that later.

Opening up, Baby
I never feel quite as vulnerable as when she’s just beginning to enter me. It’s as though I’m literally opening myself up to her, emotionally as well as physically. Maybe it’s because it’s ‘taboo’, maybe it’s because it’s not something I’d offer up to just anyone. I don’t really know the why, I just know it’s there and it’s there every single time, even if there are multiple times in the same day.

Men in general aren’t geared to be ‘receivers’… It’s very possible that it’s this reversal; this giving of myself that she and I share that facilitates this dynamic of opening and vulnerability. It is amazing, but I still wouldn’t tell most of my friends about it! Regardless of the reason, it never fails to take me to a place sexually I’ve never been before, and nothing else will take me there.

Happy with Her at the Helm
I love letting her run this show… she controls the pace, how hard, or soft… how fast, or slow… will she bring herself off quickly and leave me wanting? Will this be one of those slow sensual fucks where I ultimately explode in orgasm, sometimes when she’s not even touching my cock? Will it be one of those where she brings me to the edge, repeatedly, slowly pumping me as that tipping point passes, only to ramp me up again until I’m begging for release?

It’s that unknown, that out of control, her controlling my passion, my lust, my very ability to reach orgasm… it’s beyond intoxicating!

Forbidden Fruit
I definitely love the taboo aspect… the whole “a real man wouldn’t enjoy this”, while the entire time I am enjoying the hell out of it. Then again I love anal sex, giving, and receiving, it’s truly the one act we share and appreciate together.

I feel very, very lucky I had an adventurous girlfriend early in life who introduced me to the joys of giving and receiving anal pleasure… no guilt, just plain old nasty fun.

Deliciously Dissident
I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. I’ve heard many guys talking about any man who takes it up the ass must be a gay wannabe… for me though, I’ve always figured that anything a man and a woman do to bring each other pleasure can hardly be considered gay. If I’m gay, I’m happy as hell and I don’t care who knows!!

I’m more than a bit of a rebel in most areas of my life. It’s made life difficult in some ways, incredibly rich in others. I have no desire to change anything… we only get one life to live. I intend to live mine as fully as possible!

For those folks who would be shocked that I like taking a strap-on up the ass, I simply feel sorry for them that they never even gave it a try before dismissing it as ‘off the list’.

The Visuals
While most porn depicts strap-on sex doggy style, that’s actually my least favorite position for it. I much prefer to be on my back so I can watch her… see her face, her facial expressions, that “O” she makes with her mouth as an orgasm overtakes her… that flush in her chest, the way her nipples stiffen up just a little more right before she comes.

I like looking down, between my legs, seeing her ‘cock’ plunging into me… feeling her grind her mons against the harness when she’s all the way in… the way her eyes watch her hand play with my cock, my balls, or watching them bounce from her thrusts….

I love watching her fuck me.

My Pleasure
I can come hands free from just a pegging. It doesn’t happen every time or even most of the time, but it does happen. When it does it’s off the freakin’ hook intense. More often, she’ll keep me hard (or have me stroke myself), near the edge the entire time she’s fucking me. Then when she’s had enough she’ll bring me off as she’s having that ‘last’ orgasm…

I don’t need to orgasm from a pegging to enjoy it; it’s more like dessert… I can enjoy a wonderful meal without having dessert and not feel like I’ve missed anything. But sometimes, having dessert almost makes the meal seem pale in comparison.

I’ve found that if she’s having trouble reaching orgasm, talking to her telling her how much I love what she’s doing to me, wrapping my legs around her pulling her into me… playing with her breasts, nipples… kissing her, nibbling on her neck as I would if I were fucking her… not only increases my pleasure, but often takes her over the top as well.

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