Confessions of a Pegger

So what is it exactly that turns my crank when I don a strap-on and peg my guy?

My, my, many things.

The Pleasure Principle

More than any other reason, I love to peg a man because it brings him so much pleasure. Some time ago I had the privilege of introducing a new  lover to pegging. After he came exquisitely hard in his hand while I sunk deep inside him...he gasped, "I had no idea!" I love the cause and effect of watching a man's body react when I thrust inside him. I love the moans and gasps I can elicit. Pegging allows me to actually be inside him giving him pleasure, which is a thrill in itself; the only time in sexual play that I get to do that. But mostly...I just love to put a man in ecstasy with my strap-on.

Open up, Baby

There is a vulnerability that is necessary for a man to be penetrated. I don't really see that with vanilla sex. A softness in his face. His eyes become a little unfocused or they close. I love that vulnerability. I love to see a man purely receiving and is a rare and beautiful sight. That vulnerability makes me want to gather him in my arms and fuck him sweetly and continuously until he comes with cries of passion.

Happy at the Helm

I love...running the fuck. I am in control (Ruby likes control...). I can tease him...or pound him...until he begs for release or respite. I can change the angle of my toy just a bit and know it's driving him crazy with pleasure. Or I can stay still, buried inside him and drive him crazy with wanting more. I am wearing the dildo, damn it, so I'm the decider!

Forbidden Fruit

I love the taboo aspect of it. I mean, as taboo thrills go - fucking a man in the ass with a strap-on dildo is like the Dubai Tower of illicit sex thrills for me. But also there is the whole ass thing. Sadly, asses suffer from widespread discrimination. People who are happy to dress up their derrière  in sexy articles of clothing designed to attract widespread attention...would never think of  undressing that ass and actually taking it for a drive to see what it can do! Asses are often thought of as a dirty, nasty place that serves only one function, period. Well, let's see...dirty? Absolutely. Which is why you wash it really, really well before you start playing with it! Duh! ...Nasty? Yes! Nasty with a capital N and an exclamation mark. The juicy, titillating, throbbing, aching, fun kind of nasty. ...Serves only one function? Well there are many many gay men who would beg to differ...and thankfully a growing number of straight men who have also discovered the joys of anal pleasure. *steps off soapbox*

Deliciously Dissident

Flouting  intolerant opinions is a hobby of mine. Above and beyond the ass itself, a lot people have judgments about pegging, from both sides of the dildo. If you are a man who likes pegging, clearly you must be gay...and if you are a woman who likes pegging, you wish you were a man. I love flying in the face of all those judgments and doing what I want just because I enjoy it. Sometimes I think that I gravitate towards kinkier stuff because there is a part of me that resists anyone telling me what I  should or shouldn't do, most especially in the realm of sexual exploration. So if people view something as taboo - damn, that might be a hot thing to try! I am a bit of a rebel at heart. Does it give me a charge to know that if I told some of my friends about my proclivity for pegging, they would be shocked? Indeed it does. *smile*

The Visuals

The delectable vision of spreading those cheeks and sinking slowly into his ass...that is one of the hottest,  most amazingly arousing visuals I have ever, ever. Now I know why some of the kinkier dating sites that have amateur videos are overrun with clips of men holding a video camera pointing straight down as their cock is sinking into their woman who is on her hands and knees...I get it, guys! And from a different position, the look on his face when I am stroking my strap-on in and out...that surprised naked passion sort of OMG-what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-to-me-I-love-this look. It's incomparable. His hands reaching back to pull his ass cheeks apart. Riding me and stroking his cock. So many visuals! Who says women aren't as visual as men! If more women tried pegging perhaps the numbers would change.

My Pleasure

Do I get pleasure? Oh yes. Oh God, yes. Dripping throbbing, aching, clenching pleasure...without a doubt. I'm playing with how to orgasm while I am actually pegging my guy. Some women do...and I want to join them in that singular pleasure. There are dildos that offer a vibe in the base that are slated for experimentation...I'll let you know how it goes. Might take a lot of practice...I don't think he will mind.

Happy Pegging.

Ruby Ryder

11 Responses

  1. that is so hot, i am just dying to get a woman to do that to me. i am training online with Lady Tera to serve her in many ways, and like this for sure, but that is months or years away from happening. i need to be sexually submitted now.

  2. So glad you enjoyed the post, janieMO. There are websites that are better places to look than the usual vanilla dating sites…I’ll talk about those in my next post.

    The perennial question:
    So many men who want to get pegged – where are the kinky women who are ready to do them?

  3. Sometimes I just LOVE the messages I get!

    In my mailbox:
    “Just read your confessions of a Pegger blog. Am I straight – yes! Would I love to be pegged? Absolutely! Does that make me gay. No way. Does it mean the Pegger wants to be a guy? No way. Fuck my ass any time you like ‘Rebel’ Ruby Ryder!”

  4. Your article, Confessions of a Pegger, is one of the best pieces of writing I’ve seen on Congratulations on an excellent job!

    A lot of people tell what they like, but few can tell why they like it so clearly and eloquently as you have done. You capture the appeal, the attraction, the satisfaction, and the eroticism, and you do it in a way that both informs and excites the reader. I find it difficult to believe that any woman could read your article and not want to do it immediately or that any man could read it and not be instantly moved to ask, no, to beg for it!

    When writing articles myself or corresponding with others, I sometimes will link to an article that I think will help someone understand some aspect of the scene better. Your article is, in my opinion, the definitive source to which I would refer someone interested in pegging. I presume you would not mind my doing so should the subject arise.

    Thanks for a great piece of work!

  5. From the mailbox:
    “You are the first woman I have seen write about the way a man feels after he has let go, and starts to enjoy the pegging. My friend who pegs me took three sessions before she saw this transformation in me. Reaching that level is where it’s at. The surrender, the point where you say to yourself, “I’M FUCKED!”, the realization that you have now just become a hole. Wow. I feel like strap-on websites were missing that, but now I see that other women get what the man is experiencing. That is the part of pegging that also changed how I make love to a woman. That point of bliss helped me understand the true receiving end of the act. God bless you!”

  6. Thanks for the comments, gentlemen…and all your kind words. Of course you may feel free to link to this article if you like. I am happy to spread the word about how much of a thrill Pegging can be from the woman’s perspective.
    Thanks for letting me know I portrayed the man’s experience accurately!
    Happy Pegging

  7. Recently my long time partner brought up in a round about way that she wanted to “dominate me”. Curious and after I established she wasn’t joking I asked how, and why. her response was “because you told me you had done anal play with yourself, and I want to please you in all ways that I can”. I haven’t done anything like that in years; but as the conversation continued I came to this conclusion. I had never ever let anyone else do anything with my ass, and it was more me being open with myself. The fact that my love wanted to “share that experience” was flattering. I know anal play can feel good, and so I told her “you can do what you want with my body so long as we both enjoy it.”

    For me this isn’t about “receiving”, or as some one else put it becoming a “hole”. Thats a different type of fantasy to me. What it’s about is letting the woman I love know I trust her with my body and well being, and that while “in her” or while “in me” I will look her in the eye and tell her “I love you”.

    “Intimacy”, on a level many men are afraid to have.

  8. Brandon – Sorry I missed this comment until now…Kudos to you. This is a beautiful description of the intimacy involved in pegging. Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us.

    I agree with you – many men are afraid to have that level of intimacy, which is why pegging simultaneously fascinates and scares them.

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