The Prostate Orgasm

Prostate Orgasm Defined

Through anal stimulation only (without penile stimulation) a man experiences orgasm and release of seminal fluid. Sometimes called an anal orgasm

A Different Kind of Pleasure

When the prostate is stimulated (by fingers or toys) there is a feeling often described as a warmth or tingling or itching that spreads through the region - absolutely pleasurable. Pleasurable, but completely unlike stimulation of the penis. Some men describe the sensation as so intense that it's like having a continuous orgasm and if they actually reach an orgasm, it's like icing on the cake or an unnecessary dessert after a sumptuous meal. Some men have actually expressed to me that they do not want their penis to be stimulated during pegging, because it actually interferes with the prostate sensation.

A Different Kind of Orgasm

Men usually describe the anal orgasm as being different in that it does not have the rhythmic contractions a normal orgasm does; the seminal fluid sort of dribbles out of the end of the penis and can sometimes look watery in comparison to normal ejaculate. Pretty much all men say this kind of orgasm is nonetheless intensely pleasurable. Yet there are differing opinions as to whether they enjoy it as much as a regular orgasm with stimulation of the penis, or an orgasm that results from stimulation of both the penis and the prostate. Each man has his favorite.

Encouraging Factors

Not all men can orgasm this way (just as not all women can have a G-Spot orgasm), but your chances of experiencing it improve with practice, and maybe a few other things... Some men claim that a bigger toy was what kicked them over the edge to an anal orgasm. Others say it was a finger or toy that could be applied to exactly the right spot. Relaxation is a huge factor. Anecdotally, another factor can be how long since the man has experienced his last orgasm; the longer period of time (within reason) the more likely anal stimulation alone will result in orgasm. Also, edging for several days in conjunction with the abstinence increases the chances of experiencing a prostate orgasm

What experiences have other people had? I'd love to hear what worked and what didn' it felt...what is your favorite kind of orgasm? What feels the very best on your prostate? What got you there?

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  1. Nice article. After several years of practice I now have three distinct type of orgasm.

    First, the traditional male orgasm, centred in my penis, with contractions, ejaculation and that thrusting feeling. Like most couples these are by far the most common.

    Second, the prostate orgasm that you describe in the article. I have my best prostate orgasms from carrying a vibrating butt plug for a long time rather than any prostate stimulation by my partner. The peak is less intense than with penis centred orgasms but they last longer and, as with female orgasms, I can pause and then have another shortly after. I often have no ejaculation during prostate orgasms.

    But the absolute best orgasms are a third kind. These are rare – I’ve had maybe a dozen. They all result from intense pegging with a large dildo and no penis stimulation. I have to feel very horny, very relaxed and sensual. That generally means reading erotic stories and carrying a butt plug in preparation, before a warm shower and a good hard pegging. When it happens I feel the same intense sensations that I would feel in the base of my penis, but centred in my ass. I then have an orgasm that combines the depth, length and internal focus of a prostate orgasm, with the intense contractions and strong, pulsing ejaculation of a penis centred orgasm.

    The fact that I can have such intense orgasms has encouraged my partner to peg me more often. Several years ago we worked out ways for her to have multiple orgasms and for her to have an orgasm in cowgirl position without using my fingers. I always suspected that she wanted to give me similarly intense pleasure and pegging has turned out to be the way.

    Our dream would be to have a simultaneous ‘no hands’ orgasm while she pegs me. We came agonising close a few weeks ago with me on my back, my ass resting on 3 pillows and her fucking me rythmically with our favourite, long and large dildo.

  2. John – thanks so much for sharing your story with us – especially the detailed information about your different kinds of orgasms.

    There is indeed a common thread running through men’s descriptions of prostate orgasms. Yet at the same time – there are so many variations. Prostate response seems to be quite pleasurable for most, orgasmic for some and multi-orgasmic for some as well.

    I love that you are experimenting and having such fun with it! It is stories like yours that encourage more couples to try pegging.

  3. I delight in anal play.
    I wish to confirm “John’s” experience regarding orgasms.
    and other.

    During pegging I prefer the penis not to be stimulated.
    The prostate pleasure works simply as a warm up to the deeper stimulation provided either by a very large dildo (think extreeme goose medium) or my partner’s hand and arm.
    After penetration by my partner’s arm and intrusion to a suitable depth generally to the top of the rectum, she will start rhythmic thrusting. The first sensations leading to orgasm start to manifest after about 10 thrusts. I feel a generalized tingling as she continues the tingling grows stronger. I must relax as this happens and not resist in any way. Recognition that the orgasm is coming does however allow me to help it along.
    I usually signal this by vocalizing approval (animal grunts) and when the sensations grow stronger thrusting backwards to accommodate more intrusion.
    The tingling will continue to grow and become more and more powerful. At that moment she will tell me to inhale poppers and as I do so the orgasm will take over and I will let go. I may vocalize, I experience powerful contractions and may possibly faint as well.
    The prostate is most certainly not involved. I believe the cause is the stimulation of the innervation of the pubo-rectal sling, possibly involving the vagus nerve.
    What is important to note is that it’s quite possible to have several such orgasms in one night (my personal record is 13) and that the post-orgasmic feeling is one of satisfaction and blissful relaxation rather than exhaustion or “tristesse”.

  4. Hi Ruby!

    Great read! I’m a 33 year old male and with my last partner I’ve experienced these orgasms wonderfully! I can tell you that it’s the most amazing experience I’ve experienced sexually in my entire life. She was able to force me to have a prostate orgasm many times and the last few times with zero stimulation to my penis. It got to the point where she was so good at it I would last maybe a minute during the massage before having a full blown prostate orgasm with the intense contractions and spurts of semen.

    Some things that make it easier to achieve are anticipation for one along with verbal communication (so sexy) and most importantly actually making myself contract voluntarily on her finger during the massage. Contracting on her finger I noticed allows her to hit the prostate easier and she can tell when I’m close to having one of these intense orgasms because right before she feels my prostate swell causing access to it via massage to become even easier making it feel much more pleasurable.

    Many times when this happens, she will watch and be ready to see some cum dribble out. And this will happen for a while sometimes and the contractions will be close to 10 seconds apart and last for what seems like a lifetime meanwhile I’m moaning and groaning like an animal! Other times, it will spurt and contract like a regular orgasm and rarely I will use my hand on my penis to reach a full orgasm because I love when she tells me she can feel me cumming and how hard I cum by these strength of my muscles squeezing and contracting on her finger. She gets better every time in fact this reminds me I’m way overdue and am going to call her. I always go down on her first to get her off then she rewards me with a prostate orgasm. 🙂

    1. Mark! Thanks for sharing this with us in such detail. So helpful to know exactly how it works for one person because it might be exactly what makes the magic for others. Sharing this on my podcast…

  5. Bend your guy over and deny him any penile stimulation. Instead give him a nice slow sensuous screw with a strapon. He will lose hit erection as you give his prostate a nice London prodding. You will see the evidence as his cock drools pre-come constantly! He needs to know his only source of pleasure is anal penetration.

      1. I apologize for all the spelling mistakes in my last post to you! I firmly believe the a male slave needs to be trained to have prostate orgasms rather than spilling his come. I believe that a slave needs to be trained to enjoy anal sex even while he is flaccid which I prefer. I may suck him after for relief if he enjoyed the ride. I like making myself come rubbing my clit against the end of the dildo as I screw him. This way he know I am using his office for my pleasure!

        1. No worries about the spelling mistakes!
          One of my jobs here at Pegging Paradise is to hold space for everyone’s different preferences. So I get that you firmly believe that YOUR slave needs to be trained in the manner you describe. Not everyone has that preference. That was basically my point. When you start talking like there is only one right way to do this, that’s when I intervene.

          Sounds like you are having a great time with the pegging, though!

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