Shameless Plea For Votes

I have two stories posted on that I would appreciate your votes on. Likely you have read both of these...

Power Play


Hard Times at the Hotel

You will find the star rating at the end of the do not need to be a member or sign up for anything - just rate the stories what you think they earned. If I get 50 votes the stories will be entered into the story of the month contest! Who knows what might happen...

And...though is a rather circuitous site to navigate - there are some great stories there! One I really loved is: Easy First Date - don't miss it. Way hot.

Thank you so very much...

Ruby Ryder

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  1. Thanks to everyone who gave my story a sexy little nudge. Power Play did end up with over 50 votes, at the top of the BDSM category for the last 30 days. Whether it will win any prizes remains to be seen.

    As the first couple of stories I have ever submitted to Literotica, I feel very fortunate that readers liked what I had to offer. I write what I like, and I am so glad you all like it, too!

    I plan to do a repeat, never fear. Only the stories will be here, instead.

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