Fuck Like a Girl

I first heard that phrase in a discussion group I participate in.

The question posed: "What was the funniest or most embarrassing thing you ever said while being pegged?"

One man's answer: "You fuck like a girl!"

So how does a woman...learn to use a cock? There are indeed a few things to consider...

First off...there is a movement when a man fucks that is so graceful and fluid. Men are born with a cock and they have learned to use it instinctively and intuitively. Thrusting with their hips is second nature; practiced and unconscious. They don't think about it, they just do it. It looks so natural...like an intrinsic knowledge that came with the cock.

Women, on the other hand, are not used to having a cock at all...and there is a definite learning curve in discovering how to handle one. When I watch porn videos I see a distinctive roll of the hips that just about all men have. Women tend to move their whole body with the strap-on...often it looks rather stiff and awkward.

The "fuck like a girl" comment inspired me to start paying attention to the amateur pegging videos and it was very obvious right away: Men have a rolling motion in their hips and women...don't. Most of them don't, anyway. There are indeed women who have developed that hip movement and caught it on video that is posted on the internet. (Some are professionals.) But that fluid fucking movement is something that seems to come with practice for most women. It took me a while to find my own rhythm.

What was it like for me when I first started pegging? Wearing a cock for the first few times felt awkward! Like a new part of my body that I was very excited about playing with but lacked the innate adeptness to handle smoothly.  Add to that the fear of causing my partner discomfort or somehow doing it wrong... and the awkwardness was magnified. But once I got the whole "fucks like a girl" concept, I consciously began to roll my hips and experiment with movements to try and learn what comes naturally to men.

One thing I found that helped, believe it or not, is hooping. From the brand name Hula Hoops evolved larger adult dance hoops with more heft to them. They are great for exercise and I already owned one. When I took it out to exercise one morning I realized that the movement I was making with my hips was very similar to....fucking. I got inspired and kept at it for 45 minutes, sharing  my discovery in the online strap-on discussion group. I mentioned how much time I'd spent practicing the movement. Goodness...men were drooling at the thought of a woman being able to go for 45 minutes!

That brings us to the next point...fucking takes stamina! When a woman straps on a dildo and pegs her guy for the first few times, I guarantee you she will have a new-found appreciation for what it takes for her man to fuck her. Muscles...back muscles and thigh muscles and arm muscles. Stamina...to continue going and going and going. Strength and balance...to hold yourself and your cock in the right position. Yes, guys...I so appreciate how much you do, now that I have strapped on my own cock and started pegging. Wow.

So keep in mind that these skills simply come with practice (pun intended, definitely). So if at first pegging feels awkward, give yourself or your woman some time to learn the ropes, as it were. (No, we're not talking about bondage here...stay with me!)  Before long she will be swinging her hips and sinking it to the hilt....one smooth movement that repeats over and over again as he moans his appreciation.

I think I'm going to go get my hoop.

Happy Pegging.

Ruby Ryder

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