A Stubborn Stereotype…

I just logged onto one of my favorite kinky internet places - FetLife.com. I enjoy the people there...they are usually a cut above the usual kinky dating site types. Remarkable, since it is free to join and participate. Although one could use FetLife for a dating site - it is more set up to be a social networking place...a place where you can find people who share your interest in whatever sexual proclivity you have. Truly, there are groups on FetLife discussing the ins and outs of virtually any and all kinks.

Explains why I participate there...Pegging is still considered a bit edgy. Which amuses me, because a man fucking a woman in the ass is rather passé these days...especially amongst younger people. But throw a lovely strap-on dildo into the picture and have the woman fuck the man and Holy Shit - we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto, and how come the wizard doesn't seem to have a wife...? That type of knee-jerk reaction is so odd to me.

So...it was with combined amusement and dismay that I encountered a new group on FetLife named...wait for it..."Females with strap-ons for straight guys". Seriously. One wonders immediately (at least in the world going on inside my head) ...as opposed to...Females with strap-ons for Gay Guys? WTF? I mean...I love my strap-ons and my pretty dildos and all, but if a man was gay and enjoyed the feel of a real live cock in his ass...what point would there be in having a woman (who he's not attracted to because he's gay, Hello!) strap on a dildo and peg him? Boggles the mind.

So, yes...the stereotype persists, sadly. Let me say this one more time... and I think I will actually post a thread in this group addressing this because you, my loyal readers, are probably pretty clear on this point...

The area of your body that you enjoy having stimulated has absolutely no bearing on the gender of the person you prefer to do the stimulating.

Put another way:

A guy getting fucked with a strap-on has as much of a chance of turning him gay as a lesbian getting fucked with a strap-on turning her straight.

And if you still have doubts...please read:

No...He's Not Gay

And if you are still not sure...try it and see what happens! Then report back here and give me a ton of shit if the gay fairy strikes.

Happy Pegging!

Ruby Ryder

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