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Website membership revamp is complete!

You can now read your stories on-line from anywhere you happen to bed with a fetching partner, on a tropical beach or at your local Barnes and Noble (squirming in your seat). No more pesky emails to sequester away in a secret have just gained log-in freedom!

Right about now all you members should be having quite the party...because as my charter members I gave you something special; the "I Want It All" membership, which basically gives you access to everything...on...the site!

Don't stay up all night, now...

And for those of you who have been considering story memberships..the fun of receiving a hot, sexy, arousing story on a monthly basis...Here are the different membership levels to choose from. For couples, think of it as a guaranteed sex night. You make some time to be alone and start things off reading the story can only get better from there. For singles...I like to think my stories are powerful self-pleasuring material.

I offer a slow deep bow to my Web Samurai - who had to explain a few things 2 or 3 times to me, and persevered. Thanks, Dude. (I can give you his number if you need website work.) I fondly remember one email he sent me that said - I log in to work on your website and see "The Basics of Rimming" - I love my job!

Dear Readers...Thanks for being here on my blog right now, interested in what I have to say. It warms my heart and inspires me to continue putting words together in ways that thrill, get your blood pumping and give you hot nasty ideas. Life is more fun that way.

Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder

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