Search Word Wildness

I often get great giggles when perusing the search terms that bring people to Pegging Paradise. You've heard a few before.

So here is the laugh for today:

"who's the bitch now pegging"

Okay...two alternative scenes immediately pop into my wonderfully nasty and twisted mind...

One depends on incorrect grammar, and is pondering the question - who the bitch is pegging now? You know...the pegging bitch...she's the one who pegs every man's ass she can manage to pin (or tie) down. And I guarantee you she has quite a collection of Penetralia.

The other is probably what the searcher was intending...and that's the FemDom fucking her guy and saying the words, "who's the bitch, now?" Of course I picture this guy tied up, too...but that's just me!

Hope you are getting everything you want and need this weekend. If you are, write and tell me all about it - I could use some vicarious thrills...

Ruby Ryder

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