Orgasm Update...Once last night with my favorite combo; the Lelo on my g-spot and my fingers doing their magic on my clit...a series of visuals running through my mind. You see, I'd been surfing porn videos on FetLife for 3 hours before I climbed into bed. I know...I kinda got lost in all that juiciness and hardness and moaning, etc. Yes, I am a woman who enjoys porn. (I write it, too.) When I finally went to bed and paid my tribute to Masturbation Month...I was dripping and came hard and long.


And then twice this morning twice with my Hitachi...I was reading "Best Women's Erotica 2002" edited by Susie Bright. There was a very hot story about a gay man in a bar who gets picked up and taken out to a van by a handsome stranger. Before he knows it he is blindfolded, tied up and at the man's mercy. But his fucking is gentle and hot and endless and he finally comes hard from just the stranger's fucking...who stays hard inside him even after reaching a shuddering orgasm. Only then does he ask the stranger's name...his blindfold is taken off and the reply is, "Martha"...wearing a large pink strap-on. By the time I was done playing this morning I was sweating and very happy. I love starting my day that way....


Thanks for the inspiration to step up my masturbation game, Jocelyn Elders.


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