Persuading the Women

I am all about spreading the word and convincing interested people to try pegging. That's what this blog is for...that's what my classes are for...that's what my presence on the different forums is for. To an extent...that's even what the stories are for. Well...that, and getting you (and me) all hot and bothered and hard and dripping. Ahem.

Now I know that pegging is certainly not for everyone. Though I do like playing the role of the Strap-On Ambassador to the World...I understand that there is a contingent of people who are not at all interested, will never be and don't want to even think about it much less talk about it.

But there are those who wonder...those who are intrigued...those who are considering the possibility of trying something a little bit different just to see what it is and women...single and partnered.


For the men in that "Maybe..." category, I usually tell you this:

If you knew there was something that could give you orgasms 10 times more powerful than you had ever experienced and produce tons more come...could you really go the rest of your life without at least trying it?

That is actually pretty persuasive...because as we all know, orgasms rock.



For the women...What is the magic thing I can tell you to convince you to give it a try? My goal is to even out the odds a bit here, so I'd love some feedback...


Here's my favorite for the single women:

If you learn to enjoy will literally have your pick of a very large group of men who are desperately searching for a woman who will peg them.

Because it is so, so, so true. I get regular letters from all over the world from guys who want to know how to find a women who will peg them.  I'm wondering how many single women read this blog? If you are out there, please tell me - would this persuade you?


If you are in a relationship, how about...

If your man is interested in pegging and has hinted to you about are in a position to trade him for just about whatever sexual desire you have. That's a powerful place to be.

Trading for sexual favors is a perfectly reasonable thing to do in a relationship. Ask him - Honey, if I peg you tonight, will you do whatever I want tomorrow night? Because believe me, he wants it...craves it...and will probably be quite happy to be offered that trade. This persuasion might be most effective with women who enjoy power. (Ya think?!)


Or this one...

Are you in a relationship that could use a little kick start, your man is comfortable with anal play (fingers, plugs) and you really want to blow his mind? Pegging.

I will always remember introducing a hot, very sensual, masculine...fireman (fans self) to pegging. He had never had the pleasure. After fucking him ever so gently and slowly and reaching around to stroke his cock until he came quite powerfully, trembling with pleasure....his voice had more than a touch of wonder in it when he said, "I had no idea...". He asked for it twice more before we left each other the next morning. Believe me, you will totally blow his mind.

I'm thinking of this for a class title:

Ladies: Want your pick of men or looking to spice up your marriage?  Try Pegging!

Tell me what you think...Pegging enthusiasts want to know.


Ruby Ryder

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