The Merry Merry Month!

Will you ever be able to think of May in the same way???? I think not. you'll probably get a little tingle of pleasure and not even understand the connection when someone innocently says - "May is almost here!"


Next to my bed is a bookcase with a plethora of erotica. When I engage in a session of self-pleasuring, sometimes I read the erotica, sometimes I turn to my favorite part of a particular story and sometimes...I leave the books alone and close my eyes, fantasizing a scenario of my own imagining.


Last night...and twice this morning...I was fantasizing about a tall, dark haired muscular man with his arms tied to the bedposts. His close-cut beard caressed my lips and cheeks as we kissed for a long, long time. His hair was curly and thick and I kept running my fingers through it, enjoying the silky feel of his curls...enjoying messing it up. I stared at the curve of his biceps and ran my hands over his arms, enjoying their hardness. I pinched his nipples and he gasped in reaction to the sensation. I played with his cock for a long time...stroking it with my hand, sucking on it and licking all the tasty pre-come as it leaked from the head.

Then I explored his ass with my fingers, caressing his prostate and enjoying his groans. I slipped in a large butt plug that made him work to accept its entry into his ass. Then I scooted my ass up close to his face, draped one leg over his chest and opened my legs wide so he could see me and smell me. I was dripping already because I love to play with cocks and asses...and I love to kiss...especially a gorgeous man who is at my mercy.

I played with my wet, hot pussy while he watched, transfixed...his cock flexing and straining, achingly hard. I watched him...watching me. His eyes followed the motion of my fingers teasing my clit...and the fingers of my other hand going from one nipple to the other, flicking them gently. Sometimes he would stare right at me, locking his eyes with mine. His look was so intense and had desire and need written all over it. As I reached my orgasm, the hand that was teasing my nipples grabbed his cock and held it, feeling it throb just as my pussy was throbbing with intense pleasure.

Then I straddled his face, letting him enjoy my scent and flavor. His tongue eagerly cleaned up my come until I was throbbing with desire once again. Time for the strap-on. I let him choose and he asked for the dildo with significant girth. He was so turned on by then he wanted something big inside him. I lifted his legs and put them on my shoulders. I removed the plug. He groaned. I slid my dildo into his waiting ass slowly, never stopping, all in one stroke. His noises of passion were music to my ears. I gave him time to adjust, not moving....kissing him deeply for a deliciously long while...enjoying that hair...those arms.

Then I pounded his ass long and hard and took his painful looking cock in my hand and just held it. I felt the rush of power, knowing I could make him come any time I wanted...or not. Whatever I wanted. Every push into him tore another sound from his throat. He began to plead with me to let him come. I quickened my strokes into his ass, pounding at his prostate. Then my hand made love to his cock...just the way I'd watched him do himself so many times...sliding up and down the shaft, occasionally touching the head.

He yelled loudly when he came, shooting come up into his handsome beard and all over his chest. I stopped moving my hips and gently continued with my hand, urging his orgasm to continue just a little longer...watching with fascination as come continued to spurt out of his cock over and over again, his cries of pleasure decreasing correspondingly in volume. I laid my body down on his, still deep in his ass...licked some come off his beard and shared it with him in a long, soft kiss as my breasts enjoyed the stickiness and warmth of his come between us, wet and luscious.



That is the point that sends me over the edge - his loud, uncontrolled orgasm with me buried deep inside him. See why this one was good for 3 orgasms?

One more week left for you all to enter to win a free story membership - click on the link in the top right for details. You never know...your story might be the one that wins! Send off your entry today.


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