Courageous Kinksters

Kinky places on the internet, like Pegging Paradise, are lately attracting more and more people interested in sexual exploration. I suspect that the majority of people still prefer to put forth a solidly vanilla exterior and deny all their kinky desires for fear of judgment, whether from their partner or from society in general. But for all you people who have found your way here to Pegging Paradise and who cruise around on other kinky websites (look at my blogroll for some suggestions), I have this to say:

Kudos to You!!!

You have decided to take a chance and explore the secret corners of your sexuality. Whether you are just doing it online or you have brought your kinks out and are actively enjoying them...the point is that you crossed that line and have summoned to courage to explore new parts of yourself. That can be amazingly rewarding...and a little frightening sometimes. So hang in there.

For me an effective metaphor is living life in black and white, where certainly a fair amount of pleasure and joy exists...or in color, where the possibilities for pleasure increase a hundred-fold. How many of you have actually sat down and made a list of exactly what turns you on? So let's say you have this list, even if it's just in your head. And then one day something different happens that turns you on - not one of the kinks you already knew you had...a kink you had no idea you had.  You feel a delicious surge of arousal and think wow - this turns me on, too? I love those moments of sexual self-discovery, treasure them. And I believe that by checking out the kinky places on the internet, talking with other kinky people and exposing ourselves to the never-ending variety of fetishes...we are more likely to discover our hidden ones...the ones that surprise us.

I will never forget stumbling across a spanking website and feeling like a powerful magnet had snared me, a wizard had put a spell on me, or some other similarly irresistible force had taken me over. I spent 3 hours there, got off 3 times and was utterly nonplussed. Then I had to come to terms with realizing I liked to hit men on the ass and make them squirm. That was followed not too much later by the realization that there were men who were incredibly turned on by getting hit on the ass hard enough to make them squirm...! That was one of my luscious journeys of sexual discovery. (I am squirming myself even as I tell you the story.)

Ever had one of those moments when you discovered something unexpected that totally turned you on? Share the story...strength in solidarity!


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