I’ve Noticed…

A Breathtaking Contrast

...That a significant number of men who enjoy pegging...also enjoy lingerie, cross-dressing, pantyhose or some sort of role reversal play. Playing with gender reversal can range from just dressing up in each others clothes to see what it feels like...to playing the part as well. To getting fucked instead of fucking...feeling her cock inside you instead of your cock inside her. A woman strapping on a cock and fucking her man adds immeasurably to this role reversal fantasy, which is probably why I've been hearing from you guys.


You tell me that you enjoy the sensuality, softness and silkiness of women's things and it's about the feel of it...the touch of the fabric, the delicious sensations. I don't blame you; I love those sensations too. And there is something incredibly erotic about seeing a strong, masculine man...with stockings. I so want to show this boy a good time....I want to feel his silky legs up on my shoulders while I slide into him, hear him moan. I want to fuck him until he's helplessly overcome with pleasure...until he's mine to do with as I please.


For all of you who love this kind of play, who have written me and expressed your passion for wearing feminine things while you thrill to the feel of a fat dildo filling your ass...this one's for you.


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  1. dressing has nothing to do with being gay as people seem to think…the feeling of the material and as you say being fucked is a turn on for both..the image that both people can enjoy lends itself to a heightened experience (at least for me) with no feeling that dressing is wrong…it is just another spice in life..

  2. Crossdressing is for me an essential part of the preparation for a night of pegging/fisting play. Removing body hair, doing my nails, putting on the make-up, slipping into something silky, spraying on a little scent and then finally putting my wig on just gets me into the right receptive mood. I don’t know which is more important to me, the dressing up or the pegging. I often dress without any special sex action, but if there is going to be penetration I simply have to dress as well. It’s really all to do with feeling “right”. And if the build-up isn’t right I won’t relax enough for me to experience an orgasm and its marvellous healing effects.

    1. I know a man who is quite masculine and had never considered crossdressing. He decided to explore pegging with a pro domme. They had a great connection so he explored more areas of play with her as well. One day she dressed him up like a woman and told him to moan while she fucked him. That was the first hands-free orgasm he had while getting pegged! Dressing up can be powerful.

  3. Don’t underestimate the power of moaning.
    Midwives tell mothers to shout. My wife growled.
    I remember one of the first times she deep fisted me and as she went I remember screaming out loud from the sheer hugeness of the feeling as her hand juggernauted its way through the sigmoid.
    I was yelling for a baby I recall. Nothing like the dilation necessary for a baby of course, but a respectable 3″ inches anyway.
    I started orgasming at the same time. Being entered like that is both hair-raising and wonderful. You can hardly believe that something so large is actually going up there yet at the same time your body is allowing it to happen AND it feels so insanely amazing.

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