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Yes, you have to suffer through my political views on occasion...one of the privileges of owning a website and working hard to make it popular is that I get to use this soapbox at my own discretion.

Usually I only hop on the box (that sounded dirty) about political issues that have something to do with sex. Like equal rights for gay couples, for instance.

But here is another subject I feel passionately about; Sex Education. The biggest travesty of sex education in this country is that certain states teach abstinence only sex education.


This idiocy puts those kids at so much of a disadvantage by not informing them about the risks, the joys and the responsibilities of sex!

Straight from SEICUS (Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States):

Contrary to fears of some adults, sex education programs that teach about both abstinence and contraception do not increase sexual behavior or lead young people to engage in sex at an earlier age. In fact, a more comprehensive approach to sex education has been shown to help teens delay sexual initiation, reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse, and have fewer sexual partners. Thus, more comprehensive approaches to sex education have actually been proven to do a better job of helping young people remain abstinent than have abstinence-only-until-marriage programs.

(Warning - Sweeping Generalizations coming)

I get so angry about this because it's the fucking uptight conservative freaks that want to pretend that sex does not exist and are proponents of abstinence only sex ed.

Oh yes, the same freaks that are found with "rent-boys" who "lift their luggage" in airports, the same freaks who sit in the men's stalls in airports tapping their feet against cops who catch them. The same freaks who are caught sending lascivious emails to their young male pages. The same freaks who were fucking their top aide's wife. And oh yes, the same freaks who post chest pictures on Craig's list trying to solicit a male to female transexual. I could go on. And I'm not saying there aren't liberals with their own sex scandals - but they are not proponents of abstinence only sex education either, are they.

I don't have much against any of these actions, fetishes, dalliances. People do what they do and the sexual morals imposed on elected officials do not leave any wiggle room for anything remotely out of the ordinary. Dishonesty and hypocrisy piss me off the most, but I do not envy these people trying to have any kind of sex life at all as an elected official, much less one that involves something a little different.

However....the young people of this country deserve to be fucking educated. Rather, they deserve to be educated about fucking! I mean come on! Just saying "Don't Fuck" is like saying if we just pretend alcohol doesn't exist and don't inform our young people about the dangers of drinking and just tell them "don't drink" - we can avoid all the bad effects alcohol has on our society. Please.

Information is power. Do not keep kids in the dark about things that can change their life in an instant. Sure, there are exceptions. But sex? Really? Grow up, all you pro-abstinence only sex education freaks. People fuck. Lots of different ways. And knowledge of how to protect themselves, not get pregnant, not cause a pregnancy, not hurt each other, not pass on diseases, not contract a disease, and the all important aspect of consensuality is essential to becoming a responsible adult with a healthy sex life!

So I have two suggestions for you. Actually one suggestion and one request.

Suggestion: Sex is Fun by Kidder Kaper

For all you people who are living in those backward states that teach abstinence only sex ed. This book is perfect for young people who are becoming sexually active. It contains all the information they need to enjoy sex and stay safe. It is also a great book for established couples who want a few ideas, want to learn more about their partner's sexuality and just plain want to spice things up a bit.


This is what inspired me to sit down and pound out this post to begin with. Whether or not you agree with our president and the job he's doing, the fact remains that under his administration, an avenue has be created for normal people to start petitions that, with enough signatures, will absolutely be responded to and paid attention to. That happens at Whitehouse.gov. The particular petition I would really like you to sign is here:

We petition the Obama administration to:

Abolish Abstinence-Only Education From US Public Schools

Abstinence-only education is a hazard to our children. Studies have shown that teen pregnancy rates are the highest in states (New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, etc) where abstinence-only sex education is taught. And lowest in states where safe-sex education is taught (New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota). Instead of teaching our children to abstain from sex all together and to fear it, the US should encourage safe sexual practices that promote the use of condoms and birth control. Ignoring the fact that our kids will engage in sexual activity regardless of what they are told is not a healthy perspective to maintain. Instead, the US should ban abstinence-only programs in US public schools and reform the sexual education curriculum.

 Sign the petition, please!


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