An Evil Idea

If you're just arriving here at Pegging Paradise, it may be news to you that I, Ruby Ryder, have some definite FemDom leanings. For those of you who have visited before and read the sample stories and my blog posts, this comes as no surprise.

So I wanted to share this evil idea with's pretty FemDom-ish.

In a past relationship I had control of my lover's orgasms. I loved telling him when and how he could come...or if he couldn't. He loved it too. We never used a chastity device because it was more short term denial than long term, but also because I trusted him completely to play by whatever rules I gave him. I loved that control. I loved telling him no sometimes. He loved hearing it.

So I've had a taste of orgasm denial. I'm much too pleasure oriented to deprive my partner of orgasms for very long and don't really have an interest in using a chastity device...I like the honor system myself. Yet I know there are many couples out there that employ the use of male chastity devices and take orgasm denial much more seriously and for long periods of time.

So I have this idea. Imagine a man with a chastity device who loves pegging, FemDom and erotica with those themes. Imagine once a month, when I post my story, this man being required to read it aloud to the keeper of his key and having no release to relieve his excitement.

Told you it was an evil idea...

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  1. Wonderfully wicked idea. Besides driving him wild with desire, strap-on play is made so much more intense and pleasurable when the guy has a nice full prostate and is dripping with lust.

    If you want a guy to experience the peak of pleasure, you have to let him build up his sexual energy, which for most guys, takes a week or two of no orgasms. I can’t speak for al l men, but I can’t even go three days without masturbating. I just don’t have the willpower. If it weren’t for my device I would never be able to experience those sexual highs you get after a week of teaseing and no cumming.

  2. @TallLightHandsome – I have heard tell of those sexual highs and look forward to playing with a partner that way someday. I had a taste of tease and denial and I want more!

  3. Hi Ruby,

    While you may think you have a touch of evil in you, I think you may have an instinctual intuitive knowledge of why the chastity regime works. May I suggest you read the blog entry of a gentleman named ‘kelmag’, entitled “Male Chastity – Pleasure and Devotion, the Science Behind It” located here -> .
    You could certainly, carefully, peg your partner to the point of milking his prostate without triggering the orgasm he desperately seeks. This would forestall the prolactin release which signals the onset of the male refractory period and thus would continue to maintain a high level of sexual tension in your partner indefinitely.

    1. Rumel, You addressed a concern of mine about chastity, actually! Frequency of ejaculation has been proven to have an inverse relationship with likelihood of getting prostate cancer. But milking of the seminal fluid would prevent a condition of stasis and likely achieve somewhat the same goal. I’m more into delayed orgasm instead of orgasm denial. I like to give pleasure!

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