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Okay...for all of the Pegging is Gay people who have wandered here to have a look-see.

You might have this idea in your head that all gay guys have anal sex - that's pretty much what they do, right? I mean, they can't have intercourse so they have anal sex, right?


Only 35.5% and 33.8% of participants engaged in receptive or insertive anal intercourse respectively. Receptive anal sex was most common among 18-24 year olds and insertive was most popular among 30-39 year olds.

These are statistics from a new study conducted by George Mason University, Indiana University, and Online Buddies, Inc. polled 24,787 gay and bisexual men between the ages of 18 and 87 in the US. Take a look at what they found...and let go of your old, tired misconceptions. Anal sex is for anyone who enjoys it...period!
Isn't she lovely?

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