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Occupy Wall Street

If you support this movement - share these videos to counter the media blackout. The internet will prevail over the censorship.

Here's the links:


If you only watch one - let it be this one :


More information: (previous choice for "if you only watch one")




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  1. Thanks for supporting the movement, Ruby.

    The rule of the 400 wealthiest families over every other American will not stand.

    We’re the 99%, and we will overcome.

    1. Thanks, Dave. I knew I’d be taking a risk putting this up on Pegging Paradise, but it’s part of who I am.

      I’ve worked hard to make this website what it is and if I occasionally decide to use the soapbox I built – by damn I’m going to do just that.

      I’ve only had one cancellation. (Kink does not discriminate according to class or political leanings!)

  2. You have taken risks just creating this site in the first place. Why stop now? If more people would take a stand for what they believed in, this world and this country would be a much different place.

    Even if your political views clashed with mine, I’d still read your stories. One post doesn’t change your erotica. 100 posts wouldn’t change your erotica.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Ruby. You can’t please everyone, nor should you try to, else you risk that which makes you unique, and your stories great.

  3. Government is a necessary evil at the best of times, and at the worst of times an intolerable one.

    That said, and followed by the fact that I respect all of your points of view (I truly do). The video you suggest I atleast watch if I only watch one of them Ruby is very bias; and painfully focused. Its design and content are heavily edited and picked to portray a very narrow view of the demonstrations, and as a result serves to only funnel others views down the same path. A painful path.

    Not all police present at these OWS demonstrations are behaving like the ones shown in the video. Not all demonstrators have been non violent, nor have all demonstrators that have been arrested been so unlawfully (but they have been I do not dispute this).

    Where are the images of the Police and demonstrators in LA? The demonstrations there have been peaceful, and the Police a good example of what isnt shown in the video. They have protected the demonstrators (which is a pleasant change of face from previous examples of bad conduct/decision making); and from all that I have heard and seen to date have been appreciated and thanked by the demonstrators there. Not the chaos presented in the video. Not the violence and anger. Both Police and demonstrators there have made an honest effort to safe guard and cooperate with one another, not inflicted pain. Yet were are the images of them? Were are the videos of the voices not being suppressed?

    The video you suggest I watch is a painting done with very broad brush strokes Ruby. Aggression; its steeped in it. Unfortunately the creators have let only pain cover the canvas, only brutality. Two sides portrayed not just at odds, but violent odds. So many of the images used within it as analogies are grossly miss used.

    “We are not” the peoples republic of China with tanks driving down main high ways; and into schools to repress all political opposition. We are not fired upon and slaughtered like those fighting for their voice/equality in Libya. We are not in a state of open revolt (which we sure as hell would be if anything like that happened). To use such images so slightly; and in such a context is thoroughly unscrupulous.

    Very disappointing. Such things do not bring peace or understanding. Such things do not make us more informed nor give us the chance to be. How does such a video help heal the damage and bridge the divide? What insight would you gain if you only watched it? Dangerous.

    1. Brandon – Thanks for your articulate and thoughtful comment. I can hear your yearning for balance and peacefulness and accurate portrayals, which the video admittedly did not have. I have mixed feelings about the video after reading your message. But I thought long and hard and here’s what I have to contribute:

      Sometimes the best way to deliver a message is to use that narrow view and work it. Big changes rarely come through mellow, peaceful, balanced movements. I believe that a certain amount of tension is necessary for people to get involved, educate themselves, get frustrated enough to actually take action. The brush strokes I see are frustration and anger at inequality, hypocrisy, a media blackout of the people’s uprising and a reminder that although we are indeed not any of those horribly oppressed countries, the path we are on right now leads there eventually.

      Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Whereas a detailed, informational educational video would be better, more accurate with less incitement, you will lose the vast majority of people in the first 30 seconds because they are not part of the 2% of the bell curve. They don’t even understand the way the system works, the players, financial regulation, corporate responsibility. They never will. A video of how measured and peaceful the majority of police are being inspires few to action, lovely though it may be to see. So the videos become about civil rights, oppression and unfair treatment that the majority can understand – losing their home, a disaster of a for-profit healthcare system that leaves them uncared for and desperate, no change no matter who they vote for, the feeling of complete disenfranchisement.

      But perhaps I have underestimated my viewers. And you absolutely have a point. So I will replace the “if you only view one” video with a different choice…thanks, Brandon. Let me know how you like the new one.

  4. You have heart girl, and much like your readers can reason. Otherwise I wouldn’t spend the time to engage you in a discussion like this. Stand tall on your soap box.

    “Big changes rarely come through mellow, peaceful, balanced movements”.

    Ghandi and Martin Luther King would disagree, and so do I. Power is not exclusive to those that wield it with force. You do not have to incite anyone to anger or violence, or teach them the technicalities of wall street/banks before they will stand up for themselves. Understanding will come when information is truthful, and allows perspective.

    We should not, must not ignore the images your first posted link so pointedly presents. But we (the creators of the above mentioned video) can not practice the same censorship/editing tactics used by the corporate media and then call ourselves better (for as you pointed out that thinking leads to intolerance and further repression). We must be better than “them”.

    Passion and patriotism bleed through your words Ruby Ryder, and I respect you for both your work and your demonstrated diplomacy/compromise in the changed link.

    “All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take.”

    Mohandas Gandhi

  5. Ruby and Brandon –

    Wow… Just, Wow. I see so many great points on both sides of this discussion, I don’t even know where to start.

    I fully believe that many people in this country are drowning in a sea of apathy, or at least a sense of helplessness and hopelessness about the direction of our financial future as a nation.

    Many people don’t even have a basic idea of what OWS is about; which is why the shock value of the video was important. Americans seem to need “shock-umentaries” to tell them that things aren’t exactly what the main-stream media has portrayed. What I took away from the original video what exactly what Ruby said, that although our country isn’t being violently oppressed and repressed by a military government, if something is not done and done soon, it could easily degrade into violence.

    The words spoken by Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama about uprisings in other parts of the world ring eerily true to what is going on here. Our legislators are not listening to us, their constituents. They are, instead listening to the corporate lobbyists with ultra-deep pockets, and no personal stake in the lives and welfare of Americans. OWS has made the statement that there are those of us who will not stand by and watch any more. That, more than anything, is the statement that needs to be made, and I believe is being made.

    This issue is very dense. There’s a lot to it, and like Ruby said, painting the narrow picture sometimes is necessary. To me, it acts as a “cut” that initial incision that helps open the issue so we can get to the bottom and see the whole thing laid out. I don’t always agree with Michael Moore’s points of view in his documentaries (“Bowling for Columbine, etc.) but his job is to wake people up and make them aware that SOMETHING is going on.

    When I watch videos, especially those of a political nature, I rarely swallow the entire message whole. (That sounded dirty, sorry)

    My point is, that everything must be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, the makers of any video have an agenda. That’s the point. Is there useful information? Absolutely. Is it all ABSOLUTELY fair and balanced. No, it rarely can be. But if a video incites even one more person to seek more complete information about a subject and then leads that person to take up a cause to make a change for the better, then that video, albeit unbalanced and ultra-focused, did it’s job.

    Thank you, Ruby, and Thank you, Brandon for taking the time to share, understand and revise your ideas, perceptions and points of view. If only we had more people like that in our government, we would be in a far, far better place.

  6. @Brandon – “Ghandi and Martin Luther King would disagree, and so do I.” I know – peaceful civil disobedience does work, though each movement usually has a few violent people from both sides of the equation. Rarely is there perfection. I guess my feeling is that there is a balance. Perhaps it is semantics, but I wonder if it is possible to move someone to action without inciting at least a touch of anger. I think the time for the healing is after the change happens. And I do hope it remains peaceful.

    @KPP & Brandon – When I created this website to offer my erotica to the world and explore my passion for pegging, I could never have envisioned having an intellectual political discussion here at Pegging Paradise.

    These are the times in which we live. And I am happy to be making the journey with you both. ❤❤❤

  7. Not what I expected as I was browsing here again.. hello Ruby.

    I did not like how I was treated at my job, I did not like the pay or the available time off, so this High School Grad and US Vet (yep too dumb to get a job or go to college) started his own business. Yes I screwed up and I still do, but I work for myself, pay myself what I can, take time off – when I can. Is this hard HELL YES … I hate talking money to people or asking them to “hey remember you have to pay me” My first year I messed up my taxes to bad I got a letter from the IRS saying you owe us more. Its hard to get up and work the phones and internet looking for work when I dont have anything scheduled but if I dont I dont get work. Yes its hard.

    What I mean to say is.. There is a bunch of people, more then likely smarter then I am sitting and whining about how unfair things are.. You can’t make a change unless you are in the game.
    What do they want? I’ve read everything from No more money to open boarders to free everything, at the cost to someone else.
    I really don’t feel sorry for any of them, if I can do this anyone can.. Just be smarter then the problem. It is Hard Life is Hard.. but damn get off the porch and do something.

  8. @Questions – Sure, there are people who just need to get off their butts and work, try harder, find a job (from the few that are available) and buck up.

    There will always be the lazy people, and there will always be the people who want it all for free. Their remarks make for great sound bites to make it look like the majority of the 99% are lazy.

    I have raised a child by myself, worked for myself and managed to survive for the last 20 years. Hardest thing I have ever done. I believe the majority of the people who are unhappy with the status quo are not lazy, they are doing the best they can but are very very unhappy with the status quo of banks and corporations getting so many advantages while having business practices that benefit them, hurt so many and…the banks and corporations almost never have repercussions. These people are unhappy with voting and electing officials who do NOT work to represent the views and needs of their constituents – no matter what party they are in. It’s all about the money and who owns whom. A society without a middle class (which we almost have at this point) is one ripe for a revolution.

  9. Ruby but we/they/them seem to keep electing the same people into office. So again I’ll ask.. What is the answer? you don’t like the major banks more to a Credit Union, i did. I was with BOA, the Wells Fargo.

    You say ripe for a revolution.. what kind? What is the end game? Take the money that was earned legally and give it to ?? Divide it up ? Take away business from those who started it? Before you think a revolution will do good, consider what happened when the the government seized scores of Zimbabwe farms ( yes its is extreme, but isn’t this what you mean? “More than half Zimbabwe’s population is in need of food aid and inflation – estimated by some economists at 10 sextillion per cent – has left its currency almost worthless” Is this really the way? What would happen if these bad Corporations closed the doors for a year? And yes if the taxes go up, already we pay more then 35% in Corporate Taxes they will take their business else where.
    What I’d like to hear are how to fix things, 1# Vote by your pocketbook and letters as well government..

    Taking money away from the top 10% who pay over 70% of all taxes is not the way. This Govt spends way too much. For every gallon of gas we buy BP earns .02 cents the Govt earns .48 Cents. Im not sure how to fix anything but I do know this Govt is spending way too much.

  10. I absolutely agree our government indulges in an enormous amount of wasteful spending…military would be my first place to cut. But there are many many subsidies and entitlements and stupid programs that are all a part of the good old boy big money network and are very firmly locked into place by all the players.

    There is no one to vote for who is not somehow beholden to or answering to big money at this point, sadly.

    “Taking money away from the top 10% who pay over 70% of all taxes is not the way.” This is a misleading statement…yes they pay the most taxes…because they make the most money! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that – they should! What is wrong is that the 10% pay a lower percentage than the 90%, and instead use loopholes to pay less of a percentage of their income and in the case of some huge corporations to pay no taxes at all while making record profits.

    There needs to be mandatory social and environmental responsibility for corporations or they will keep destroying the environment and making moves that hold the almightly dollar as the bottom line – no matter the social cost. How fair is it that corporation heads rape the company, make record earnings and then fold everything, leaving loyal workers applying for social services because their retirement was trashed? In addition – those corporations who choose to take their business overseas need to pay a price for that choice in order to sell their product in this country…it only makes sense. Otherwise this country is holding to those standards yet allowing them to be easily circumvented with no penalties.
    I don’t know the answer – but this lady makes a LOT of sense here:

    And here is a list of companies that paid NO federal taxes in certain years…how is this fair?

  11. Im with you on paying taxes.. Warren Buffet and other heads of Berkshire Hathaway should be in jail for failing to pay nearly a billion in taxes over the last ten years. If there is a loop hole and it’s not closed that is the Govt failure and the companies shouldn’t be penalized for it. Nearly half don’t pay Federal Income Tax and that needs to change, 5 to 10% of wages should be taken. Taxes are everyones responsibility.

    You would take money from the Military.. ?? Yes because I made so much money as a Private ($495.00 a month) I was rolling in it. Free lunches breakfast and all of this money going to solar companies need to stop. That is not the job of the Govt.

    As a business owner Im confused by “There needs to be mandatory social and environmental responsibility for corporations” statement. I pay my taxes I dont harm the environment, I recycle. I started my company to make money .. Nothing else.. I didnt put it out on the line for social justice, I did this for me. So what social responsibilities, other then paying for unemployment insurance, taxes and wages that attract the best people do I owe? Nothing else.. Im in it to make money, bottom line. You or the GOVT cant Force me to do anything else, this is called freedom.

    Hope you have an amazing weekend

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