Yes, She’s Hot

Attention Aspiring Peggers

I want to reassure you about appearances.

Women who are new to pegging often worry about how they will look once they actually strap on that dildo. Once the straps are fastened down and it is snugged up tight against might feel good, but how will it look? Will they look silly? Will the contrast between the woman and the cock just be a bit...much? Will it look funny the way it flops around and hangs there?

Okay - here is the reality, the swear-on-my-strap-on truth.

Without exception every man I have asked about this has said the following: a woman wearing a strap-on is HOT. Beyond belief hot. Stuff of their fantasies hot. Squirm in their chair hot. Instantly hard hot. Provocative. Enticing. Alluring. Especially the first few times they see their woman put it on.

They have been dreaming of it, probably watching porn movies of it, cruising the reddit pegging group and looking at the pictures of it, craving it. So that moment of seeing a woman in real life wearing a strap-on...and it is their partner, the one who is actually going to fuck them? Oh yeah - that's about as hot as hot gets.

So wear it proudly, ladies.

Walk with it, no - strut with it...wave it around...stroke it!

Strap it on with confidence and know that you look...HOT.


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  1. My wife recently met me at home after work wearing her negligee and her strapon. Wow, what a terrific way to walk in the door. She told me to relax and take my time. I got ready while she walked around getting the bed ready. She enjoys giving me a show. OMG, what a turn on. She is so happy that I enjoy being pegged. We talk about it openly and she encourages me to erase any old “gay” thoughts about it. So, yes, it is very hot.

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