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Harder, are always wanting more.
Begging to be filled and fucked...thoroughly.
You push back against me so hard I bruise...
I discover that later.
Later, sleeping next to your peaceful warmth,
spooning you, I feel the bruise...and smile.


©Ruby Ryder


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  1. Laying quietly next to her,
    Her arms wrapped around me,
    Spooning me, holding me against her,
    Thoroughly fucked but not to total surrender,
    Wishing she was still inside me,
    Squirming softly…
    Wishing she was fucking me now,
    Arching my back…
    Instinctively, she holds me tighter as she sleeps.
    Wishing I was getting fucked right now,
    I’d do anything to get fucked right now,
    Wishing I’d be woken up in the morning feeling her thick cock sliding inside me and her hand pressed firmly on the back of my head…
    Oh God, I’m so hard, but I can’t squirm too much for fear of waking her,
    She’d surely put me over her knee and paddle me hard (too hard) if I woke her,
    Fuck, now I’m harder!
    God, I wish I could sleep!
    But I can only think of earlier, when she was holding onto my slim, girly little waist while pounding me thoroughly from behind,
    When she lay on top of me, her head by my neck, her arms wrapped under me and hooked on my shoulders, pulling me back tightly against her, impaling me to the base, and then feeling her thickness slide slowly in and out as I moaned and whimpered softly, her thrusting continuous and persistent, my moaning getting louder, but her thrusting uninterrupted and continuous… She knew I belonged to her and she owned me. Her thrusting uninterrupted and continuous, paying no heed to my moans… Her thrusting uninterrupted and continuous, that’s how I came, my back arched, ass up high, face buried in the pillow, totally opened up, vulnerable, OH GOD!  I was thoroughly and completely fucked…

    But not to total surrender…

    1. @SweetNFet – I pulled this picture off a Tumblr blog and credited it as such, so FYI that’s not me. I do occasionally post pictures of myself and take full credit when I do! I believe that dildo is intentionally soft for “packing” while a woman is out in public. Vixen Creations makes one like this called “Mr. Right”.

  2. @Ruby – It’s ok, you look just as beautiful, even more so in lingerie. The small plug I’ve got is a bit spongy, not as soft as the dildo here, still perfect during the buildup and stretching the asshole gradually. My 6″ vibe is firm, making it easier to thrust in and out than a soft dildo I believe. What do you think?

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