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Here's a question:

When you watch pegging porn, what do you like to see most as a man or woman, and what do you like to see the least?

(We're just talking visuals here so all you audiophiles just sit back down and wait your turn please!) A hot friend in Oregon and I were just having this conversation and I'm curious. He said as a male he really has no desire to see a closeup of the man's asshole or watch the man suck the dildo (we're talking pro porn here) and wonders why they can't focus on the beautiful woman who is pegging the guy more?

Personally, I enjoy watching the man's face, I enjoy watching him jerk himself off, or her doing it, and I like to watch the action from the side in profile - I have no need for a closeup view of his asshole either. Of course more than anything I enjoy it most when there is actual chemistry between the couple and more normal bodies moving in normal ways...with lots of kissing (which completely leaves out pro pegging porn) and I mean real kissing - not those stink your tongue out and pretend like you can hardly stand to touch each other kind of kisses. Who the hell fuck started that shit? Fire them now...

Even as a woman who enjoys a little BDSM thrown in with her pegging...pro pegging porn leaves me high and dry.

So tell me - what do you like to see in pegging videos? And where do you fall on the kinky/vanilla spectrum?

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  1. I almost always watch amateur stuff because most pegging porn is just garbage. I do like when women are dominant, but not when it’s through degradation. I like to see the woman enjoying herself. I like the sucking the dildo, but I can understand why other people don’t go for it. Not essential for me.

  2. Hello, Ruby.

    Good question.

    Pro porn leaves me cold. Amateur videos in which the couple is obviously enjoying themselves are best. I don’t mind seeing any specific action during pegging or foreplay as long as both parties are into it. Authenticity is the key. I only wish more couples paid attention to lighting and camera angles to make the video itself better quality. And, audio is important, too. I like hearing the interaction.

  3. @Jesse – same here. Amateur is pretty much the only thing I am interested in as well. Your comment reminded me that I also like to see a woman who knows how to fuck – no matter how beautiful her body is if her harness is loose, she holds the dildo in her hand and her hips are stiff = blah.

    Along those lines @Dave, some of the best hip movement I have seen comes from amateur clips. Most people who film themselves are probably so titillated and excited about actually doing it that they don’t pay too much attention to the lighting and angles…plus anonymity can play a factor there. Audio is really important. I don’t care for music overlays, no sound or couples who don’t make any noise.

  4. I only care about seeing the dildo going in and out of the mans asshole, and the more up close the better. Seeing the first penetration up close is important too – watching the dildo slowly making it’s way in.

    As a straight male, I have no interest in seeing the guys face, or his cock (with the exception of his cumshot), and I’m not that interested in affectionate stuff like kissing. It’s pretty much all about the dildo going in and out of his ass with the occasional shot of the girl enjoying herself.

    And personally, I find TS porn to be much hotter as long as the “girl” is the one doing the fucking, and she’s passable. I think it’s the real factor of the dick plus the looks of the girl that makes the fantasy a little better. Again, we’re just talking porn here. In reality, I’m choosing the heterosexual female every time.

  5. As mentioned above, i like seeing good hip action from her. As a guy who likes women with “some meat on them bones”, i also like seeing various parts of her body jiggling and wobbling – especially her ass flexing as she thrusts.

    And, since i like things a bit rough and forceful, i also like seeing his body moving from her hips banging into him.

    Being completely straight, i am not interested in seeing his face and i am only interested in seeing his naughty bits if her hand is there.

  6. I too am a fan of amateur porn. I don’t really care for closeups of the guys anal or genital area. I do enjoy seeing a woman who is skilled at good hip action and I lke to see couples in various positions.

    It is also a turn on to see the guy crossdressed, being a woman in every way so to speak.

  7. I like pegging porn which is purely pegging and maybe little bit of him fucking her. Don’t like any form of bdsm mixed with it. The dude sucking her dildo is a huge turn-off and so is the camera focusing on his ass. They should focus more on the ass and hip movements of the woman.

    Recommended movies: Strap attack, miss teen strap america, strap-on idol parody (got an award). Sometimes homemade pegging videos are really good too.

  8. Wow – so many responses! Thanks to everyone.

    @Blink – sounds like a lot of porn is right up your alley (no pun intended). Yes, TS porn can be hot, but it’s not pegging.
    @subbie_333 – ahhh – no anorexic fake-body girls for you, then. I get it.
    @danaindy – as far as the cross dressing – I love to see a really masculine man with just one thing on, like stockings and a garter belt or something. It’s the contrast in masculine and feminine that intrigues me.
    @Awe – you sound like my friend who started this whole conversation!

  9. First, I LOVE all the comments so far! Great question, Ruby!

    I have been enjoying some of the amateur pegging videos lately, and the list of what I don’t enjoy is far longer than what I do enjoy.

    I don’t dig the guy sucking on the dildo. My take on that is, if it’s not something that’s going to throw HER head back with pleasure, then why do it? I’m sure there’s a psychological factor there for people who enjoy it, but it’s just not for me (the wife doesn’t dig it either). Even when I’m being pegged (at least when I’m not having consciousness-threatening orgasms) I’m still focused on making sure my wife is getting some kind of stimulation (Depending on our position)

    CBT – Skip it.

    What I enjoy most is a woman who is in shape. She doesn’t have to be a fitness model, but well proportioned and clearly enjoys what she’s doing. Some of the scenes in the early “Babes Balling Boys” videos were fantastic. I think it was #4 where a lady is trying it for the first time and she stops several times with this look of WONDER on her face and says something like “Oh My Gawd, EVERY woman should try this!”

    Hip action is great. The more the better.

    If the camera angle can show the majority of her body, and the penetration (no close-up), I’m pretty happy. I’ve always been keyed into the interaction of the players, rather than the actual act itself. I mean, after a while, there are only so many ways you can show insertion. What makes it magic is the people involved and their mental and emotional intercourse.

  10. @KPP – “What makes it magic is the people involved and their mental and emotional intercourse.”
    I completely agree.

    I recall a video I saw recently (amateur) where the couple were in the missionary position and the guy started saying over and over as his girlfriend pegged him “Oh FUCK yeah!” That was incredibly hot.

  11. I agree that seeing the man’s ass or seeing him suck the dildo are just a turn off. I always skip through things like that.
    Regarding the BDSM component, I can deal with it to a certain extent if there are other things that I really enjoy about it. Preferably, I wouldn’t want to see any, though.
    The best thing to me is seeing her ass as she’s thrusting from various positions. Profile view is pretty good, but I’d rather be viewing it from a position more behind her to get a better view of her butt.
    A shot of the woman from the front can be good – if she’s really getting into it and not making a face for the camera, but because she’s enjoying it.
    In the (rear)end, seeing her with good hip movement is the best – watching her profile as she goes slow and then really starts pounding; or seeing her from behind standing, or with a leg up, or laying over him so she’s angling the dildo down more, and really going for it, is incredible.
    Whether she’s got a little booty, or a bigger butt and you’re seeing her jiggle, it’s all good.

    Although that does bring something else up that I wish could be broadcast to all these women: PLEASE use harnesses where you’re ass is more visible (or something tight fitting like RodeOh), and that fits correctly. I hate seeing a harness that doesn’t fit right. It takes away pretty heavily from the visuals.

  12. Side profile or top down are my favorite views. I prefer couples to doms/slaves, but have seen some good clips (like holy crap I have never wanted to kiss a womans feet in heels wile I was naked before but hot damn). I dont mind if the woman is dominant or not so long as she “knows how to use her hips”; and isnt acting like a bitch. Supposed to be seeing sexual partners not punching bag practice (goes absolutely both ways I hate it if a sub doesnt know “how to still be a man”).

    Im gonna be the one to say I like watching the dildo slide in, and the reaction from both partners. I dont have to see a close up of spreading man ass for 5 mins though, and I just dont find the dildo sucking appealing at all (not knocking those that do).

    Prefer multipositions, and some foreplay (who the hell doesnt). Dont like seeing the woman having to hold the dildo because she is a “size queen” (thanks for the description Ruby haha) and cant handle her own cock. Or when she fails at actually wearing the harness and cant get any kind of rhythm going.

    Woman have plenty of rhythm backing up against thrusting hips I expect reciprocation when they are up to bat.

    I watch pegging porn because its kinky, because good pegging requires intimacy and trust, and because it get my cock rock hard to see a sexy confident woman.

  13. @Matt – I love how detailed you are – you know exactly what you want to see! So you definitely need a woman who knows how to move her hips and wears a sexy, well-fitted harness.

    @Brandon –

    Women have plenty of rhythm backing up against thrusting hips I expect reciprocation when they are up to bat.

    Ahh, yes – but we are not used to using that bat…right off the bat! lol But in videos it IS just a pure shame when the woman can’t fuck worth a damn…I think we all agree with that. I have to admit I do like to see the moment of penetration and the reactions of both partners, especially him.

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