Who Does it Better?

In the last few hours leading up to Masturbation Month...I thought it appropriate to take a look at the places in this world who do a better job of handling sexuality in general. Better than the USA ever thought about.

In this article from Alex Henderson at Alternet...

1) Netherlands - "...the reality is that all that sexual openness is having positive results in the Netherlands."

2) Switzerland - " In other words, the United States had almost ten times as many teen births as Switzerland in 2008."

3) Spain - "Nude and topless beaches are not uncommon, gay marriage was legalized by the Spanish parliament in 2005..."

4) France - "France’s public schools make sure that French youths learn everything they need to know about sex, and that includes proper use of contraceptives."

5) Germany - "Someone who wants to make a strong argument in favor of more sexual liberalism needs only to compare the United States and Germany..."


What it comes down to is that all that sexual restrictiveness; laws against prostitution, laws against same-sex marriage, difficulty in obtaining contraceptives, difficulty in obtaining an abortion and insane abstinence-only sex-education is resulting in higher rates of STDs, more teen pregnancies and more abortions. Some of the exact things the people in favor of all these restrictions don't want! Their efforts...are actually causing the problems, to a certain extent.

Read the article - it's eye opening.

And get ready to cast aside all that restrictiveness and celebrate your sexuality by having an orgasm every day in the month of May. Join me...it'll be fun.


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  1. Yay! You’re off to a good start, then. Feel free to chime in and tell us the thoughts you got off on, how exactly you got off or any other juicy details about your play. This is the month to celebrate masturbation so I want to hear your stories!

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