Masturbation Month 2012

The Merry Masturbation Month of May has at long last arrived!!


It is time to celebrate that solitary pleasure we all know and love...the way our fingers or hands move...the stroke that feels the best...the visions in our heads that catapult us into ecstasy...all of it turning us into writhing, moaning, self-pleasuring practitioners...of masturbation.


What gets you off in the dark of the night before fading off to sleep?

What sends an orgasm through your body in the early morning with the sunlight barely streaming through the window?

What turns your crank during the day to the point of escaping to the office bathroom and "rubbing one out"?

Share the hot, hard, wet tales with me, please.


And join in the fun with orgasm a day from masturbation for the entire month of May!


♥ Ruby ♥



10 Responses

  1. my wife kisses me while I stroke myself.
    she tweaks my nipples while she is kissing me.
    she occasionally drops down to give my cock some oral.
    we look together at my hand going up and down on my shaft.
    we talk about how good it looks and feels and how we can’t wait for it to explode.
    she loves watching how I handle my cock.
    just her calling it a cock drives me crazy.

  2. When I found this site and subsequently some videos of guys being pegged in a loving manner it got me off. Several times good to see. Seemed like it was supposed to be degrading and hurt before I found this new stuff. Not very eloquent. Sorry but had to share. Pegging vids turn me on big time!

    1. Well if you must know,
      Thanks for taking to time to share that. I know the feeling of finding something that turns you on in just the right way. Happy I helped that to happen.
      If there are more of you readers looking for a collection of pegging videos that don’t have humiliation, degradation or abuse – I moderate a group on Yahoo Tribes for non-BDSM pegging enthusiasts. “Pegging 101” is free to join and the video link is here.

  3. Ruby,
    Some nights I can’t fall asleep without calling on my Vixskin Johnny.
    Since he hasn’t found a home in a harness, I found he has a second calling at the corner of the bed with me standing, knees slightly bent ready to take him from behind.
    I lube him hurriedly.
    The slickness in my fingertips and the wet sheen causes my breathing to deepen and my blood pressure surges. My cock bounces to the rhythm of my heartbeat.
    My legs tremble knowing what comes next as I back up to his thick curved end.
    Patience, precious. Savor me stretching you open, submit to me, take me inside.
    Rocking, thrusting, eagerly I take you in. Please don’t stop I moan.
    My excitement builds as a steady stream of nectar flow from my prostate.
    This is one hot fuck I thought to my self as I began stroking my shaft in unison licking as much precum off my fingers as I could in between gasps of delight.

    Night night!
    Happy masturbation month!

  4. it always starts with my nipples, its like a gate-way that opens my ass. Once my breathing becomes slightly laboured, I lie on my back and lube up my ass and ease that a small dildo into my ass while still playing with one of my nipples. I can only take this for so long…then I get out my butt plug, ease that in and sit on the edge of our bed and rock back and forth on it, its pure heaven. If i’m feeling really horny and wet, I’ll ease my fleshlite over my cock, tie my legs together with the butt plug in my ass, while tweaking both my nipples I rock back and forth as if I’m riding a horse. its amazing, I usually have a total body orgasm, even crumpled to the floor once! I’m getting hot right now thinking about it

  5. Ruby…it’s much slower at the beginning, but when I get to the point where I have tied my legs together and I’m thrashing on my butt plug while tugging at my now ever sensitive nipples, I’m moaning and gasping like no tomorrow! I’m thinking about recording and posting it as a video someplace. I’m sure it’s viewers will be turned on just by the sounds of me moaning and groaning with sheer pleasure

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