Day #1 Orgasm #1


Yesterday a long distance friend of mine sent me a message.

Guess what I got last night?

Well, I wasn't born yesterday...



But the story is much hotter than just...I got laid.

I'm sure you will all be surprised to know that this particular guy is into ass play. (What a coincidence!) He welcomes pegging as well as encounters with Tgirls. (For those of you who get confused with the terms - think "chicks with dicks".)

This was an encounter with a Tgirl.

Immediately I am fascinated because one of my fantasies is a MFM threesome with two men who are into each other as well as into me. Quite frankly it's the dicks going into asses that thrills me.

(By the way - does it matter what order you put the letters in? Is it FMM?  Or MMF? lol)

Of course I asked him details. He told me the story. And you lucky readers get to hear it because I got permission to share!

She's cute with a nice personality. Wore sexy bra and panties.  There was kissing for a while...then she gave him a blowjob before he got her out of those sexy bra and panties to return the oral favor. Her breasts were small but nice and feminine. He fucks this lovely Tgirl for 45 minutes (!) in a variety of positions. Then she asks if she can fuck him. Her cock is longer. His is way thicker. This works for both of them. He's a bit of a tight ass so the length instead of girth is perfect. She fucked him until she had a loud, powerful orgasm. He fucked her for another 20 minutes or so until he came, too.

And a good time was had by all.

Even me, with my fingers teasing my clit, envisioning that first moment of penetration for her of his extra thick cock, her cock sliding deep inside him, her orgasm, his. My erotic imagination fills in all the blanks quite well, thankyouverymuch.

And thanks to my friend for his willingness to let me share this with you. I am reconsidering a trip across the miles to meet him after that 45+20 minutes part of the story. Yum.

We're talking about a MFT threesome...imagine the possibilities.


9 Responses

  1. @Jesse – Doesn’t it just?
    @Blink – And the dominoes begin to fall…lol Awesome.
    Masturbation fantasies shared create masturbation fantasies shared create…..etc.

  2. I love to be pegged…i like em big (at least ten by two and have taken sixteen by three)….would also love to be with a tgirl….this besides pegging, is my favorite genre of porn….hugs, rob

  3. The possibilities are numerous, lol. Especially if all three share in giving and taking it…

    I particularly like the chain threesome I think its called? Where he might be in the sandwich, getting it from one behind him, while he gives it to the person in front of him. What do you think?

    1. Yeah – somewhere this month I think I wrote about a fantasy like that….the fantasies are all starting to merge together into one big honeypot of hot stuff.

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