Day #14 Orgasm #14

Oh Lordy...Another photo of one of my favorite positions. I call this the "Chair With No Arms"

I have so many great memories of this position, which I discovered accidentally in a hotel room with a lover. I rode him for a while as he sat in the chair. Then I told him - "We're going to 100..." I started counting the strokes as I slid back and forth on his luscious cock. The look of concentration on his face was memorable; he was working hard not to come. There is something about this position that facilitates an ease of fucking and a wonderful depth of penetration. I grabbed the back of the chair and held on tight, rocking back and forth to 100. Later, I thought about how glad I was that the chair was very sturdy.

And even later he rode me to an intense orgasm as I sat in the chair. I watched his face and held his ass in my hands. I loved the control he had over the speed, direction, depth, intensity...all of it. I loved it when I was riding him, too. Better than any ride at the fair, I guarantee you...

Since then, another, longer limbed lover rode me hard and long just this way. We wished there were handles in the right places to make it all that much easier...and thought about creating chairs like that...for couples like us.

Thoughts of chair-fucking sent me over the edge with my fingers deep in my wetness last night.

Everyone needs a (sturdy) chair with no arms.

Ruby Ryder


(A little more investigatory work and I discovered this is a photo from - wanted to give full credit!)


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  1. Yes – this photo is pretty awesome. Best one I have found of this position. For more amazing black and white photos – visit – I’ve been featuring photos from that blog all month.

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