Day #15 Orgasm #15


Yesterday morning I had a bit of extra time so I got my Lelo out of the drawer. Nothing like an orgasm to start the day.

Since my Hitachis died (that just kills me that I'm using the plural form there...) I've been rediscovering my "handiness". But that morning I thought I'd give the Lelo a go. This toy is awesome for G-spot even though it felt lovely on my clit I can never resist slipping it inside me. Indeed that's where it went...and my fingers took care of clit-duty. For me...this combination of stimulation rocks. And on the morning of the 15th, it definitely rocked. Was careful about the sounds that wanted to come out of me when I came; people in the house.

What was my imagination dancing with? Oh goodness...the next story I'm working on got me really worked up. The fantasy from Day #12 grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go. So now it's a story. Doing the last of the editing tonight and tomorrow.

It's a story about a guy who wants to explore not being in control. Yeah...I helped him with that.


Ruby Ryder



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