Day #22 Orgasm #23


Under the Surface

Lori couldn't believe he was doing this. What was he thinking?

The two of them had fucked each other raw. Christ the sex had been good. Not just good, exceptional. For a few months it was pure blissful lust. Lori had never encountered a man who could truly meet her sexually, say yes to the whole ride and then some...until him. Too bad everything other than the sex had sucked between them. Things ended in a flash fire of angry words. It was bound to happen. They didn't match. No hard feelings, just painfully hot memories.

Then he found her. Stable instead of tempestuous. Fun instead of moody. Lovely, happy her. It would have been so much easier for Lori if she wasn't a friend. But the world could be wickedly provocative at times and she'd just have to live with it. No one needed to know about those months he'd spent with her. That was 2 years ago in a different place. The memories hadn't faded yet, though. She replayed those tapes in her head to get off more often that she liked to admit.

Now Lori had to pretend to be happy for her. Happy that she'd found the man of her dreams and he was putting a ring on her finger today. The same man that put a cock ring on himself 2 years ago and fucked Lori until she cried with satisfaction.

Standing up there, the dutiful bridesmaid, all she could think about was the ferocious passion he had found so deep inside her. My God the things they'd done. Lori was certain that human beings were not capable of connecting any more deeply that the two of them had...2 years ago.

Ceremony over, she took the first opportunity and ducked into the rest room. Leaning against the wall Lori hiked up her dress and thrust her fingers inside...inside to touch the spot he'd shown her. She couldn't help herself. And in her pleasure was the pain of having had that with him...and losing it. Even as her orgasm rushed through her body, tears slid down her cheeks.

Fuck them and their perfect marriage. They would never have that kind of sex. Lori was fairly sure that her perfect friend would never, in a million years...fuck her new husband up the ass until he cried with satisfaction.


©Ruby Ryder

This story was continued in "Too Good a Fit" in the story membership section.


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