Day #23 Orgasm #25!

I returned from being out yesterday morning and dove into some yard work. Mowing, edging, sweeping, etc. Kicked up a lot of dust. I was covered with a layer of dirt by the time I was finished. Definitely shower time.

Well, the shower massager was calling to me. Really, it was. It does that sometimes. Ideally when the hot water heater is at full capacity and there is no one taking a shower in the other bathroom. Otherwise it's a sad case of Masturbatus interruptus...and Ruby gets cranky. I had the hot water to myself this time. What sent me over the edge?

A tall man in a well-fitted suit with curly dark hair was arriving at my house for a "treatment". At the bar I'd told him I could help him relax. Both of us knew it was going to turn into something sexual. What he didn't know was that when I was done with him he would indeed be relaxed. He'd also be missing his pegging cherry. And his suit would really need to be dry cleaned. He was on his hands and knees with his head down and I had him by the tie, pushing his shirttails out of the way, enjoying how his pants hobbled him. I only let him take off his jacket and pull down his pants just to his knees. And I fucked him with his power suit on. Hot.

Later, when I went to bed. the bottle of lube next to the bed was calling to me. Really, it was. It does that sometimes.

I had a slender blond surfer boy show up at my door, answering my ad for a "helper for miscellaneous tasks". I tie him up and explain the miscellaneous tasks involve me fucking him with a strap-on. The pay is good but if he says yes, I am then in control and there's no going back. I'm all over him, kissing him, rubbing his crotch. He didn't stand a chance. He gives in partly for the money and partly because his cock was voting yes, too. Taking him for the first time is sweet and gentle and the expression on his face when I push inside him...thrills me.


♥ Ruby Ryder ♥


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    1. (Smile) No, these were highly detailed and very exciting fantasies my own naughty mind created. In reality, pegging is rarely something done spur of the moment, as much as we all love the idea of surprising a man with it. And I would never bring a man I just met into my home…much less tie him to my bed.
      Sorry for the dose of reality, but you asked!

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