Day #3 Orgasm #3


Late post tonight. I went to the midnight showing of the Avengers (like every good hardcore Joss Whedon fan) and just got home. Do not miss this movie! (When you go, because this is a when movie and not an if movie - stay all the way to the end of the credits.)


Day 3 found me naked in a hot shower with my...shower massager. Turned just the right way it pulsates wonderfully and does a great job on my clit. That and the warm water, along with the fantasies in my head soon had me getting religious (Oh God!).


What were the fantasies in my head? Actually they were of a man in Arizona who had been on my erotic mind as of late. We have met in person once and the chemistry was quite nice. Dinner, endless and easy conversation about everything. Delicious kisses before parting, confirming a good potential for chemistry.


(At the beginning of the year I was thinking about another long distance man all the way in New York, and shared that with you readers. That did not work out. Better to realize it wasn't going to work before one of us traveled that far just to meet for the first time.)


Mr. Arizona and I keep surprising each good ways. I like that. And I was thinking about all the things I would love to do to him and with that pulsating water made me come. Our kinks match well. I hope our paths cross again soon.

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