Day #30 Orgasm #33!

Inspired yesterday...inspired indeed.

Yard work and then a shower earlier in the day. Helloooo, shower massager.

Going through my mind was another Penthouse letter I like to replay occasionally.

A couple who welcomed a third in their bed on occasion welcomed a guest. This particular guest was a previous lover of hers. There was a bit of jealousy from the husband about the old lover who was a totally hot-bodied bisexual guy. After a bit to drink for all of them, the husband started giving orders to his wife and old lover to start fucking each other. They complied a bit reluctantly but passion soon overtook them; they'd always been good together. The scene unfolding in front of the husband totally turned him on. He watched while this hunk of a guy fucked his wife to a couple of orgasms.  Then he pulled the ex-lover off his wife, off the bed and pushed him against a wall and began sucking on his cock.  The ex-lover was already close to orgasm. The husband spun him around to face the wall, still kneeling on the floor and stuck his tongue deep in the hot guy's ass while stroking his cock.  The husband could tell the hot guy was going to come. He might have been feeling a little less-than in the hot body department but his cock was sizable. He stood up and pushed his cock deep inside the hot guy's ass just as he was starting to come, which triggered a powerful orgasm from the hot guy...and the husband's orgasm deep inside the hot guy, too....and the wife watching from the bed.


Later...I crawled into bed and thought about...

Random hunky guy in my fucking him to a roaring orgasm laying on top of him with his legs spread wide underneath me. An essential part of the fantasy was the intimacy and emotional connection between me and the random hunky guy. We were a couple with that intimacy created by time together plus hot hot sex. We could walk down the street and I could grab his ass and he'd give me that look of yearning...a "please take me home and fuck me" look. That's the kind of relationship we had. So his fucking was slow and deep and intimate. I knew exactly what he loved, what made him come the hardest and I gave it to him for a long time before I let him come.. Totally hot.

fans self was pretty hot today.

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  1. Yes…definitely Ruby…perhaps the idea you are being “let in” by your partner, pegging and anal sex is something intimate between the two of you, and the joys of the two of you experiencing it in this position.

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