Day #31 Orgasm #34


Yesterday, I got to sleep in a little and not have to hurry anywhere in the morning. I know what you're thinking. I was, too. Perfect time for...applying a little lip gloss, right?

I enjoy pretty much everything about asses. So it makes sense that I would like erotic impact play. Well, I suppose a small amount of sadism is a necessary ingredient as well as my love of asses. I used to flinch at the word sadist. I'm still getting used to it but my flinch is now barely perceptible. To my delight I have discovered that my desire to swing an implement against a man's ass and feel him squirm and gasp in response is welcomed by plenty of men who love it, want it and crave it. Impact play is basically practicing the art of heightening sensation. I take it seriously, and have gotten pretty good at it. Riding crops, leather straps, floggers and wooden paddles can all be used.

What is it about punishing a man's ass that turns me on? Part of it is definitely dominance - his willingness to let me have my way with his ass just because that's what I want. I love the way he squirms and gasps with his cock hard the whole time. Pushing him to take a little more...for me. And then there is the idea of fucking a hot red ass that is so unbearably sexy to me. I'm happy to get it hot and red before I fuck it. (Tough job, but....) I also like the idea that every time he sits down the next day or two...he'll be reminded of our play. He will be made aware of the fact that I could choose to pull him over my lap again any time I want to...the moment he walks in the door from work. Before he climbs into bed to sleep. Anytime. At a moment's notice. His ass is mine to do with as I choose.

Yes - it's one of my very favorite turn-ons. So yesterday morning, floating lazily through my mind was the memory of a hot-bodied playmate who loves to be spanked, laying provocatively over my lap. I had him push a large butt plug in before we even started. Then I warmed him up with a variety of wooden paddles, riding crops and leather straps. I gave him as many strokes as he could take and then played with the plug, pushing it in and out, listening to his moans. Then back to the paddling and whipping. Back and forth until he was begging for me to fuck him and let him come. I tied him to the bed. I stroked inside him for a while and then whipped him with my crop for a while followed by more fucking...back and forth. After a very long while of this, I finally fucked him with a sweet rhythm and kept it going until he spilled his come on the blanket beneath him. He told me afterward that although he didn't necessarily enjoy the feel of the crop on his already sensitive ass cheeks in between the periods of getting fucked, it was the knowledge that at any moment I might stop fucking him and decide to go back to punishing his ass that turned him on.

A very fine memory that nicely put me over the edge into a hot, hard orgasm. What a great way to start the day.

That's the story of the last orgasm I enjoyed during Masturbation Month 2012. Thanks for reading along, and fapping along if you joined me!

Stay tuned here at Pegging never know what I'll come up with next.


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  1. Glad you are having so much fun Ms. Ruby! I’m back on the blogging…thanks for your note of encouragement btw. Cheers! Oh, have you seen the hot not Erykah Badu vid? I posted it, it got ‘restricted’ and I just posted another. Take a look before it gets pulled! Hugs, Pearly Whirl

    1. Pearl!!
      Yay – Welcome back, you awesome woman, you! I’m so excited that I get to savor your writings again. I just put you right back on the blogroll. Happy third birthday for Cool Whippings!

      I did manage to see the video. I would agree – it really is art. Startling. Glorious. Seductive. Thanks for posting it.

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