Day #9 Orgasm #9

This picture made me think about having this man's lips and tongue inside me, teasing my clit, pleasuring me. I'll call him Bob. And then I went back to last night's fantasy and there was another man behind Bob, fucking him slowly and gently. I could feel a little push against my clit with each thrust Bob took in his ass from, let's call him Alex. Alex had a large cock and it was obvious that it was a tight fit, from the whimpers I heard from Bob between my legs. I looked right into Alex's eyes while he fucked Bob harder and harder until he came deep inside him with a roar. My orgasm followed shortly thereafter. Thanks to Bob and Alex!

Happy Masturbation Month, everyone!




5 Responses

  1. Even as a straight male, this is a fantasy I’ve played out in my mind while masturbating. Illustrating the scene you wrote out in my head makes me squirm, and leaves my extremities feeling a jolt of weakness. Especially when Alex erupts inside of Bob…

  2. Thinking about it some more, even though I’ve imagined this same fantasy, I think having a hot transsexual behind me with the large cock would really do it for me, and help bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. It wouldn’t hurt if the woman was a squirter and gave me a nice taste during her orgasm either…

  3. God I want to be Bob so bad!

    I want her hands holding my head firmly in place, in between her legs, while I give her extreme pleasure with my talented tongue. Whenever I make a motion to lift my head I want it forcibly kept in place, held tight. If it pleases her of course, but I think it does.

    Oh and yes, I want to be fucked so gently and slowly while my head is kept firmly in place. That is my natural place, in between her legs, in between them both, mouth and ass both filled, always submissive to her.

    God this is such a fantasy….

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