A Reader’s Fantasy

Here's a contribution for masturbation month from HG - enjoy!


I can imagine you fucking me into complete submission, into the wee hours, until you fall totally asleep. You wake up 10 hours later in the exact same position and notice the discarded me still laying on the floor face down, ass up, smooth skin and ass still glistening, lube still dribbling out of me, chained up by my collar to your forearm, wrapped tightly around.

Ok this is WAY too good to stop here!!!

I feel a yank at my neck waking me up sharply. “Back up on the bed…”, I hear you say. I look at the chain extending from my neck below my field of vision, up towards your forearm where it’s wrapped around several times, and then up to your soft but demanding eyes. It all sinks in, and I instantly feel extremely submissive. I bite my lip and squirm a little bit, moving my hips suggestively

“NOW!” the chain is pulled TIGHT as you tug with your whole arm. I yelp and hop up on the bed. And I notice you’re still wearing the thickest cock we’ve ever played with. 10″x 2″. Very soft and life-like. The minute I saw it I knew that I would be held down and fucked that morning, no matter what, whether I liked it or not. Period. With that realization I started whimpering and squirming against you

With amazing sweetness, you cuddle me and hold me tight. I can feel the shaft of your cock gently pressing against my taint and the cold chain on your forearm against my back as you hug me, ever so gently tugging on my neck. These constant, small reminders of your dominance make me melt into you. You start stroking the back of my head, and with your other hand pat my bottom.

“You’ve been such a good boy waiting for me all night like that! I’m going to have to fuck you as a token of my appreciation…” you say with a smile, while still gently but firmly patting my bottom. I arch and move my hips up and down slowly, imagining the fucking that awaits. I'm driven and controlled by those maddeningly sweet and sexy pats on my bottom, me whimpering all the while. “Oh babbyy” is all that escapes my lips.

Then suddenly a firm powerful squeeze on my ass, a tug on my chain. You grab a fistful of my hair tightly and pull me up off of you, directing me face down onto the mattress. You take position behind me….(to be continued)


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