Day #8 Orgasm #8


Talked for a long time with a friend today. He and I can talk about anything and often do...even our own sexual introspections.

He shared a dream with me that he had of those dreams that really stays in your mind because it is so vivid, and in this case, erotic.

Two older, tall, handsome and hung men, probably a couple, basically seduce him and play with him in a way that leaves him feeling submissive, thoroughly used, abused and absolutely thrilled about it. Way hot dream. He's mulling it over as a "do I want to try and experience this?" idea. I asked him if I showed up with two hot hung older guys who wanted to use and abuse him...could I watch???

Don't think I have to tell you what I was fapping to last night...right?


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  1. Wait… I don’t remember talking to you about this?? How do you know about this fantasy???? 😛

    And yes of course you can watch!!! Hopefully you’d do more than watch sweetheart… 🙂

  2. This is such a great fantasy Ruby. If labels are applied, I am a hetero male (52). Reading your fantasy really hit a deep down desire of mine for many years. While “pegging” cannot make you “Gay”, it sure can peak ones curiosity to handle another mans cock. When I watch my wife go down on me, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to do that to another man. What has stopped me so far, is that I am simply not interested in men. Pegging makes me wonder what it would be like to have a man penetrate me anally.

    Orgasm #8 lays out a plan I couldn’t resist. I could see myself intwined with them for hours. What would make it better is you and my wife watching, coaching me, telling me to let go of old inhibitions. I would tell you how it taste, how it smells and how it feels in my hands, mouth and ass.

    I believe I will be some some “fapping” real soon now 🙂


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