Podcast #2 Q&A


Pegging Paradise Q&A Podcast #2

This is exactly what I'm talkin' about - listen to the podcast to find out....

♥ A Bi guy is having trouble taking a strap-on with his girlfriend while he never had difficulty with the real thing. He also wonders why more women aren't into jock straps?

♥ Bi guy wants to know what underwear I like on my partner...

♥ Another Bi guy wants some equipment suggestions for it to feel real and bring pleasure to his wife..

♥ I am asked to talk about special considerations for PLUS size pegging partners and finger/prostate challenges.

Special thanks to both Bisexual guys, presently in relationships with women, who wrote in. Kudos to you for being out!

Also a big thank you to my reader who pointed out some important things I was missing in my informational offerings.


Send your questions for next week to ruby@peggingparadise.com


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