Podcast #3 Q&A

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Pegging Paradise Q&A Podcast #3

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♥ She's been sexting with her FWB and discovers he wants to try pegging! What's a newbie Vanilla girl to do? And will dominance be involved or not?

♥ A reader asks me - does pegging a man lower my esteem for him a bit? And do I like lowering it? Do I prefer sissy boys?

♥ She's 16, a virgin and says she has a newfound fetish for pegging. What's this wonderful world coming to? I do my best to cheer her on but maybe a little of the cart before the horse, too.

♥ He wants to convince the wife to try pegging, and she's already down with using a prostate massager in his ass...but he's concerned because she won't let him play with her ass? Get your priorities straight...

♥ For all of you ass fetishists & fans of the buttocks - I have a new word for you!!! (Ruby gets excited about new words.)


Send your questions for next week to ruby@peggingparadise.com


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  1. Your site is so refreshing. My first (and only) experience with a woman pegging me was so exquisite and filled me physically and emotionally. I felt so incredibly “possessed” by her and wanting to be “possessed” by her in a way I never even could conceive of prior to this experience. Devotion became a bud and bloomed fully-Springtime was everywhere, not for just a day, but over and over again. Pegging as you define it becomes so much more than a physical experience. THANK YOU!…for recognizing and telling those who will read your blog that pegging does not necessarily infer the dominance and violence often associated with the concept of penetrating buttock and anal play. You are inspired and inspiring.

    1. Raolo – you are very welcome. Thank you for all your kind words. I am doing my best to spread the word that pegging is really for all couples; it is so worth it to give it a try.

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