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Such an amazing variety of search terms that people used to find Pegging Paradise...

My favorites...

discerning pornography - I love that you found me with these search words!!

ass play 101 - how to take a dick up your ass and enjoy it - interesting that neither gender was specified here but you still ended up at Pegging Paradise.

anal fantasy games to do to your husband - dude who is married to this woman - I think we would all agree, you are one lucky guy!

can pegging cause ejaculation - I assume you found the answer; it certainly can.

This photo gives new meaning to the question, "What's for dinner, honey?"



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    1. Not sure which one specifically – but those are called single strap harnesses. I don’t usually recommend them because the stability of the toy is compromised a bit – it’s not going to hold the dildo against her body as firmly…But I ran across a lesbian blog where a woman mentioned that she didn’t orgasm while doing her girlfriend with a strap-on until she got the single strap model because the strap hit her parts perfectly.
      Aslan makes a harness than can be converted from a double strap to a single strap so a woman could try both…

      1. Hi Ruby, Thank you for the link to my favorite site no less 🙂

        Nothing is more distracting than a dildo that won’t stay put. It’s so sexy when a beautiful harness and dildo come together for a firm confident fit. I want to feel the dildo as an extension of the woman’s body and more importantly her mind. I want to feel her confidence and beauty move through me and so a good harness is important to keep an unbroken connection.

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