Both Ends…


I know just how it feels to be in this position, driving it home. I have been there and delighted in the view, the sounds he makes and the feeling of being in control of his pleasure. Which is I find it that much hotter when it's done to me. I know how it feels. From both ends.

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  1. Well written Ruby. I think you are perfectly right. I know how much it turns on my partner when she uses a dildo on me, so she knows I’m enjoying it when she is on the receiving end 🙂 Haven’t used her strapon yet, shocking I know! Well, she has a huge dildo on it, which will take time to work up to if you know what I mean.

    We take care of each other and ensure pain isn’t involved, well hardly anything, so the pleasure and orgasms are through the roof…

    Her strapon harness is one of the black strappy one, somewhat like beginner strapon harness. Looking maybe at something like the Black Patent PVC Strap-On Harness, without the huge dildo, unless she really arouses me. Or maybe the lingerie style Velvet Nest? Just don’t know, hoping she and I can find a sexy strapon harness that’s comfortable for her to enjoy.

      1. Thanks Ruby. There are really good reviews for both of them. They stay comfortable and in place even when things get more interesting and wild. Good picks.

        Have you worn the cherry Aslan Leather harness before Ruby? Its beautiful.

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