Boycott this Tumblr Please

Some people just don't care about proper etiquette on the internet.

Now that sharing photos on the internet is about as common as having a mobile phone, people take liberties. We've probably all done it in our urge to share a very hot picture with a friend, a lover, our readers or our facebook fans.

But to take a photos that people worked very hard to produce, strip the credits and then photoshops them REGULARLY is a complete travesty.

My friend NewRyder writes eloquently about this problem specifically for one tumblr blog.

Join forces with us and do not share photos from this asshole's blog. Not only is he refusing to credit the models and original photographers of amazing photos - he is making us doubt reality because photos get altered and presented as real. Not cool. Write and tell him how you feel about it! Don't share any photos from this site, don't reblog any either. Put the pressure on.

Here's an interesting exercise...take one of his photos and do a Google image search. See what you get!

Like this one - a photo from a professional escort - he stripped the watermark and posted it.

Want another?

Here's the completely uncredited photoshopped version and here is the original source.

One more...

The completely uncredited photoshopped bullshit....and the original.

See what I mean???

PrivateStrapOn - get your shit together. You've got a serious problem. It's called a lack of integrity.


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