It Makes Me Sad

When dealing with the misconceptions connected with pegging, the overwhelmingly most common one is that a man who enjoys pegging is gay.

What make me sad is that the word 'gay' in this context often seems to carry a negative connotation. An incorrect assumption to begin with, it is then often delivered as an accusation that carries a sting with it, as if of course a man would not want to be gay. As if being gay were atrocious.

That makes me very sad.

I came across a comment today in an online group of people who love pegging - a man basically said he would beat up anyone in real life who called him gay to his face.  That is so offensive. Jesus, dude, you are already experiencing judgment because of your sexual kink and now you are basically going to turn right around and judge a different sexual kink or preference? Grow the fuck up.

Sexual preference is a choice. Any choice is okay. Every (consensual) choice is okay and should not be seen as lesser or wrong or bad. Ever.

I look forward to the day when a man, 'accused' of being gay because he enjoys pegging, says, "So what if I am?" I look forward to a time when the word 'accuse' has no place in the previous sentence! By then I hope sexuality is commonly recognized as being fluid and strict labels have fallen by the wayside. I hope that bisexuality becomes common with the degrees of attraction to either gender being unimportant and considered rather ridiculous to talk about. Because it isn't about gender and labels and separation, it is about you and that specific person and whether the energies between you come together in a way that says yes or no.

Ruby's sexual Utopian vision for the future. Part of it, at least. I'll let you know when I figure out the rest....


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