Podcast #11


Pegging Paradise Podcast #11

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♥  Hemorrhoid talk - when to peg and when to not peg?

♥ Creative couple in India does the best they can with what they have for pegging - despite the ban on sex toys there. Questions about safety with the materials they chose.

♥ After 20 years he overcomes his fears and shares his desire for pegging with his wife. She's "overwhelmed with joy" by his sharing with her more than what he shared about!

♥ Enough about the "he's not gay" stuff. So what about the bi-sexual guys and couples? How does bisexuality intersect with pegging?

♥ Last week for my membership sale - last chance for this price until next year!


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  1. Thank you for talking about the bisexual elements Ruby, I totally understand the reason it’s usually overlooked or avoided.

    Lots of good advice there and I feel more comfortable and confident about bringing it up openly with her now. We’ll see where it goes 😀

    P.S. – I apologize about all the labels in my post. I was trying to be descriptive but maybe it was the erotic taboo of the (usually) repressive sexual culture that gave me a thrill to write those terms. No harm meant.

    And what a coincidence, welcome to Oregon! The West coast is a great coast for pegging, isn’t it?

    1. Matt – No worries with the labels. Most of us rely on labels quite a bit in every day life. Sometimes it’s good to unpack them and take a look, though. Can be surprising what one finds.

      I do anticipate a fun pegging holiday in Oregon – you’re right!

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