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Here's how I find these. I pull up my Google analytics, look at the organic search stats and check out the list of search terms that people used to find me. Then I click on the top of the "average visit duration" column. What I get is a list of people who spent the most time on my website after finding me through a Google search.


Okay - this one is the winner for pure WTF-ness:

how to convince your wife to let you have sex with her sister

Honestly I was floored when I saw this! And whoever it was spent 23 minutes cruising around Pegging Paradise. I found myself wondering if he had abandoned the original plan and perhaps the idea of pegging had distracted him, maybe even hooked him, on a new plan! Let us hope that's the case. I am pretty sure most women would rather hear "I want you to fuck me in the ass with a strap-on please" than "I'd like to have sex with your sister please". But that's just me! Worst case scenario, "I'd like your sister to fuck me in the ass with a strap-on please". Dude - erase your search history!


This one just needs some reassurance:

do real women peg their husbands

Absolutely. A lot. We aren't just making up stories. Neither are they. Hopefully you got that in the 28 minutes you were spent here.


Misinformed to start with?

why is pegging bad for men

Well, it's not. And if someone told you that they were mistaken. Perhaps you were wondering if there was anything about pegging that actually is bad for men? Not if done correctly, consensually and sensibly. Likely your visit to Pegging Paradise of 25 minutes helped you straighten out any inaccurate information you were given. If not - please send me your questions!


Last but not least:

strapon encouragement blogs

Happy to be one, yes. Hope you found the encouragement you were looking for during your 37 minutes at Pegging Paradise. Let me know if you need more!



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