Nope, Not Gay

Women, if your man has just asked you about pegging and you are concerned he's switching camps, don't be.

Men, if you are a man who has recently discovered the wealth of pleasure in your own ass and are afraid this means you are gay, don't be.

Men have prostate glands that when stimulated provide them with quite a bit of pleasure. Their prostate gland is accessed by pressing on their taint (between their balls and anus) or more directly, through their rectum. This is why many men enjoy anal stimulation. Simple as that. To most men, anal penetration just feels good. In fact it feels amazing.


Only gay men enjoy anal stimulation, you say? Not true. All men have prostate glands! Any man, whether heterosexual or homosexual, who enjoys anal stimulation...simply enjoys anal stimulation. This has absolutely nothing to do with which gender he prefers to do the stimulating!! People tend to assume that all homosexual men have anal sex. Not true. A study done of close to 25,000 men showed that only 35.5% of gay and bisexual men enjoy receiving anal sex. So let that misconception go.


Take a deep breath, everyone, and  throw away the inaccurate stereotypes. They do not serve you!


To go a little further with this...

Women, are you afraid that if you peg your man and give him what he wants that it is only a matter of time before he turns gay and doesn't need you any more? No. There is no fairy that appears after you peg a man and sprinkles him with magic gay fairy dust that instantly turns him gay. Label that one ridiculous.


Instead, you will both learn what it feels like to have sex from the other side of the penetration...which often results in increased intimacy and a deepening of the relationship. You might want to read that part could improve your relationship.


Pegging is not for everyone. Anal play is not for everyone. In my opinion it is varsity sex. You can choose not to go there. But if you do, please don't use the tired, old, inaccurate excuse that it has anything to do with homosexuality.


Does this man look homosexual to you?

Happy Guy!


This public service announcement will be repeated on a monthly basis in an effort to deconstruct the myth that men who enjoy pegging are somehow, inherently gay.


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