Podcast #12

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Pegging Paradise Podcast #12

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♥ Oregon was good to me - despite pat-downs and lost luggage!

♥ They started with a Feeldoe and no harness and she wasn't too happy. He bought a harness but she isn't enthusiastic. What to do?

♥ Experienced pegging couple. She's not feeling attractive after the birth of their second child. She thinks wearing the harness looks bad with her extra weight - still happy to do him holding the dildo with her hand (lucky man!) but avoiding the harness. Help in finding a more attractive harness option?

♥ Do pegging dating sites exist? Are there women who really love to do this? Can they feel pleasure, too?

♥ I wax poetic about dating sites, profiles, approaches, pegging is not like bowling, FetLife, AFF, etc.

♥ I read you a little slice of "Sex at Dawn" for you; the book that unpacks the assumptions and misconceptions of the evolution of human sexuality. Read it and discover why monogamous relationships fail so often.

♥ My Twitter Thrill.


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