How Does it Feel?

What does an orgasm feels like with combined prostate stimulation (pegging) and cock stimulation?

How does an orgasm like that compare to a "normal" orgasm?


Here are a bunch of men talking about exactly that!


A while back I raised the question in the reddit group r/pegging and the answers are quite amazing to read through.

Especially for those of you men who have never had the pleasure...


I think he likes it...



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  1. All of these comments illustrate how rewarding getting to know the prostate can be and that it should be used not only in the context of checking for cancer but rather in the process of creating pleasure even in a somewhat unfamiliar place.

    For example, I found out a couple of years ago while I was at the gym that doing a hanging leg raise quite often does stimulate my prostate and it creates one of the sweetest mixtures of pain and pleasure I can think of.

    And I used to wonder why that particular exercise was soooo popular at the gym…

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